Some of the hottest cannabis-infused makeup and beauty products

Published Nov 18, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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The beauty industry is always growing and improving, so it only makes sense that CBD is a hot topic these days with marijuana now legal. There is an array of new and improved beauty lines popping up all over Canada. Let us see what the buzz is about CBD as the latest new ingredient in the cosmetic industry.

Cannabis has some tremendous anti-inflammatory, antioxidant benefits, which make it great for acne, and eczema. Our skin has natural cannabinoid receptors that work with cannabinoids, which is one of the chemical compounds found in the marijuana plants that encourage balance in the human body. It permits the extracts to be wholly absorbed, which is making CBD more effective in regards to skincare.

THC is known for giving a high, but when applied topically, it will not get you high. Eczema is a very aggravating skin condition that leaves us using endless amounts of steroid creams that slowly thin the skin.CBD lotion might end up being your favorite new part of your daily grooming routine with how helpful it is at combating so many problems. Now, let us look at some of the CBD lotions and creams that are available on the market.

1. Marley Naturals
Marly has a lovely line of complete body care products, .ranging from body wash to hemp seed lip balm. With beautiful scents to keep your senses awake all day long, hempseed body salve is perfect for dry, cracked skin while promoting a beautiful smell of peppermint. This soap bar provides an all-time classic clean with an aroma of coconut packed wit many oils for a subtle moisturizing effect. Marley Naturals hemp lip balm is perfect for those dry lips leaving a subtle silky shine. This hemp seed body wash includes:

  • A pleasing aroma of eucalyptus and ginger
  • Health boosting essential fatty acids

2. Kalikare
Kalikare is a CBD infused face and body care great product !this line has everything you could want in a face care regimen. The CBD purple line is made from CBD right from the buds, which is what make it excellent for sensitive skin thanks to its high content of anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Kalikare red label is infused with CBD and THC.
  • THC green label is infused with THC and organic essential oils

3. The Wonder Seed
This excellent product is 100 % vegan because Wonder Seed uses virgin hemp oil, making it great for those that suffer from dehydrated skin.

4. Dixie Dlixirs
This lovely bath soak is excellent! Made from co2 extracted THC, it has a nice soothing fragrance mixed with rosemary lavender and cedarwood, the perfect combination to end a stressful day.


5. Milk Makeup- High Kush Volume
This mascara is a gem to have in your makeup bag, giving you beautiful thick lashes. Another favorite from this line is the tinted fiber eyebrow gel creates thicker brows, shape, and fullness. The hydro grip primer is also a gem. Kush lip balm is a sweet way to moisturize your lips. Glow oil lip and check shimmer is a hit as well.

6. Pure CBD Eye Serum
This serum is a lightweight, fast-absorbing completion to your beauty routine, and it is made by CBD For Life.

7. Lord Jones Pure CBD lotion
This lovely lotion is excellent for those nasty sunburns and dry, chapped skin.
CBD infused beauty products are natural and a great way to pamper yourself either every day or at the end of a long week.

I hope you try these great beauty products and enjoy the benefits from CBD all-natural moisturizing goodness. Now that is some feel-good wellness.

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