Kids that medicate with cannabis

Published Feb 1, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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The endocannabinoid system, with the help of cannabis, can fight off many diseases and ailments affecting people of all ages. Kids represent a good-sized portion of the people who are living with health ailments and using a cannabis tincture to aid in their daily living for some has become a normal part of their lives. Kids smoking weed is not encouraged for administering the cannabis plant to for treating of numerous health conditions.

Positive results of kids using cannabis

THC oil and CBD oil in a highly concentrated form was dropped onto the food of a nine-month-old child who was diagnosed with Optic pathway glioma brain tumour. This kind of tumour had a lousy track record of the cancer shrinking with chemo treatment. Dosing for the youth in question was trial and error, and the results were dependent on observing the child’s mannerism.

Adverse side effects were also monitored, and it seemed that the unwanted side effects were limited to sleepiness and an increased appetite. The child’s tumour shrunk, and the doctors who were skeptical about cannabis and its health benefits had to concede that for this situation, the results were positive.

Kids smoking weed was not an acceptable method to Coltyn Turner, so his family chose another route to help alleviate the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. He and his mother tried for three years to treat his illness with the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, but the side effects went from nose bleeds to medically induced rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and then lupus. He was moving on from one debilitating disease to three if he continued with the pharmaceutical method of treatment. Each of them could leave him debilitatingly ill on their own. Combined, it was three-fold in the complications.

Coltyn and his family were given the opportunity to try cannabis as an alternative means of treatment, and within the first two weeks, surprising results were noted. Coltyn was out of his wheelchair and he felt like a normal kid again. His inflamed bowel healed to where he now has a healthy one and there is no active Crohn's disease in any of his testing. Cannabis had done a fantastic job in this case. Besides helping with the pain that he was experiencing, cannabis also took care of whatever it was that provided the pain in the first place.


The future

A bonus was the relief from the pain of RA and lupus he had developed from the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by the health professionals that were taking care of him. This young man’s five-year journey with cannabis and its healing properties has been positive, and his Crohn's is now in remission. He does occasionally experience flare-ups, which are quickly handled by increasing his cannabis dose when these times occur. An essential part of this cannabis journey is to maintain the correct dosing of cannabinoids so that he is not experiencing "high" feelings.

This was accomplished by his mother, continually monitoring him and asking how he felt.  The cannabis healing journey for Coltyn was not without some learning curves. The journey enlightened them to THCV.  THCV is another compound found in the cannabis plant and is not conducive to Crohn’s disease treatment. THCV is an appetite suppressive compound.  People with symptoms from Crohn's disease should not use this compound, as Coltyn's use of THCV saw him lose 10 pounds.

Without proper research being conducted, it is basically a trial and error procedure where we have to wait and see what will happen. Healthcare providers need to be educated on the benefits of cannabis for our youths today. The old stigma that continues to surround "pot"  needs to be erased; education is the necessary path to achieve this essential goal.

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