Introducing the THC inhaler- A faster and longer-lasting option

Published Dec 31, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET
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Consumers and patients all over the world have been medicating, both through prescription and self-direction for decades using cannabis. For centuries, there has remained two most popular methods of consumption including smoking and edibles, but these choices include several other often unhealthy ingredients and are difficult to dose, calling for the creation of a better, more efficient way to ingest cannabis.

The latest craze is THC vape juice, and this option was long believed to be a much healthier choice when compared to smoking, but the recent outbreak of mysterious vaping illnesses has made clear that these alternatives are not the ideal solution for everyone, especially those with respiratory conditions that might be adversely impacted with the introduction of a thick vapor into the lungs.

What is a THC inhaler?

A THC inhaler is the next evolution in the medical cannabis industry. Each one is filled with the ideal concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which can provide the perfect dose to the patient every single time. It looks just like any other inhaler, only it is filled with THC oil rather than other medicines that are intended to help with specific breathing issues.

How does a THC inhaler work?

A THC inhaler looks like your average inhaler casing, and it is used in a similar manner. The patient, as required, can reach for the inhaler, place it into their mouth, and spray while taking a deep inhale. This delivers a potent mixture that includes THC and it works just as quickly as smoking a joint, only without the adverse health effects.

The cannabinoids are instantaneously injected into the lungs and absorb through tiny gas sacks that line them, the same way that you would through smoking, only the inhaler contains no irritants that might impede on a person’s ability to breathe freely, allowing for a similar experience and none of the risk. Once the onboard cartridge is empty, the casing can be recycled, and the individual can obtain a refill from their local pharmacy or cannabis dispensary, once approved.

What is it good for?


Most people view inhalers as a strictly medicinal item, and until now, they would have been correct, but a THC inhaler can benefit both medical and recreational consumers. Medical patients can now get really fast relief that before was only possible through smoking. Benefits include pain relief, migraine reduction, treatment of nausea and appetite issues, and so much more.

Its creators are hailing it a massive leap forward, and they are expecting the THC inhaler to sell and gain in popularity just as quickly as THC vape juice. Only we won’t have to worry about the potentially dangerous ingredients that are often added to THC oil, as specialist have yet to pinpoint the cause of the vaping illness epidemic, and the heat factor is entirely removed in this equation.

Aside from all of the above benefits, a THC inhaler may be absorbed in the same way that smoking is, but it offers a much more effective delivery method with nearly instantaneous effects that will continue to last at full strength for a maximum of 2 hours. Smoking weed is just as fast to cause an impact, but typically wears off in as little as 30 minutes, ¼ of the length of relief that can be achieved through a THC inhaler.

How to get a prescription for a THC inhaler

Unfortunately, at this time, the THC inhaler is not available to the public for purchase, as it is currently undergoing rigorous testing in the United Kingdom to gain access to the market, but so far, most are speculating that it will probably be available at some point in the next 2 years through either your family doctor or a licensed marijuana dispensary.

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