Making coconut weed capsules

Published Mar 13, 2019 11:25 a.m. ET
(how to make THC pills) 

Let's head to the kitchen to make our coconut oil weed capsules. We can digest our medical weed by way of a capsule. There will be no smoke or smell, and since we are not eating a cookie, fewer calories. Making homemade THC pills is easy!

Let us look at the benefits of using coconut oil in our capsules. Coconut oil provides essential fatty acids, lauric acid, beneficial saturated fats. Coconut oil boosts the bodies metabolism and seems to benefit our immune system.

Here is a recipe for our homemade THC capsules. It involves 2 main components:

Decarboxylation and Oil Infusion.

Filling the capsules

Here is what you need:

  • 16 grams of bud or you can use shake
  • ½ cup of coconut oil be sure that the oil stays liquid at room temperature
  • ½ teaspoon soy lecithin

Making weed pills:

Step 1 - To decarboxylate your herb heat in oven on low temp for about 45 mins.
Step 2 - Ok, so we have our ingredients now we will put all in the slow cooker. This procedure will take about 2 hours, make sure you stir.
Step 3 - Turn off the slow cooker. Let the cooker cool then you will cover the pot that you will use to hold the liquid or coconut oil in with the cheesecloth.
Step 4 - Pour through the cheesecloth which is held in place with a rubber band. This will separate the plant matter. Now you have your product. You will be using your syringe to fill the capsules. The capsule size I suggest is 00.
Step 5 - We will let the oil cool a bit and then fill our capsules. I suggest storing the capsules in the fridge.
Step 6 - If you prefer to use a machine to fill the capsules, you can purchase one for around 25 dollars, a cheap and fast way, rather than doing it singularly by hand.
Step 7 - The liver converts THC to ll hydroxy- THC, this is 4 times more potent than when smoked.


Here is a win-win situation.Your favorite medicinal strain of herb infused into healthy coconut oil, what could be better?


It is important to do the math required to achieve the correct dosage in your capsule. It pays to remember that ingesting THC has different effects than smoking. The feelings are more intense and the reaction time is extended to up to 2 hrs before you are feeling the effects when ingesting the herb. You will be pleased with the long time that you do experience these feeling.

Here is a fairly simple way of doing the math for the dosing part of making our homemade weed capsules.

The dose divided by the percentage of THC in the plant material. Pretty easy but very important. Nothing worse than having a bad few hours from taking the wrong dose of THC. So, do the math you will thank yourself later.

These capsules can do double duty. As good as they are for edible cannabis, they are very good for using as a nightly moisturizer. Coconut oil for the skin has many benefitscombined with the THC can only be better.

Is this your night to stay home and give yourself a break? Take a capsule and watch a movie, enjoy!

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