Cannabis products to improve your daily skincare routine

Published Jun 22, 2023 10:20 a.m. ET
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We smoke, dab, vape, or down an edible or two when it’s time to unwind, destress, celebrate, or treat the aches and pains that linger from everyday life, but most enthusiasts don’t think about the many benefits they could experience by adding powerful cannabis elements to their daily skincare routine. Luckily, we’ve had a first-hand look at what’s out there, and with so many amazing offerings to choose from it’s impossible not to want to share a little bit about some of the best cannabis-infused skincare products on the market today.

1. CBD Daily Relief Cream by Dosecann

If you struggle with dryness or flaky skin, there’s nothing that feels more soothing than the Dosecann CBD Daily Relief Cream. It delivers high concentrations of CBD and moisturizing ingredients that are gentle enough for daily use, it won’t leave you feeling greasy and the unique formulation boasts an all-natural bamboo-teak aroma that is both soft and uplifting, and the product is made in PEI by skin care experts who know exactly what your skin needs to stay healthy and rejuvenated. With recyclable glass packaging Dosecann sets a high standard consumers can feel good about.

2. CBD Makeup Remover by FRESHDAYLY

Washing your face is a necessary part of every day life to remove dirt and impurities, and allow the pores to breathe, and when makeup is added to the equation, doing so effectively, without causing irritation or dryness can be difficult. Most facial cleansers contain harsh ingredients that can leave your skin feeling dry and tight, but that’s not the case with this CBD Makeup Remover by FRESHDAYLY! Featuring 12.5 mg THC and a whopping 250 mg CBD, this is one product that should be added to every makeup lover's beauty routine. Plus its cruelty and gluten-free, so it’s an investment that all consumers can really feel good about.

3. All-Natural Lip Balm by Tidal

Everyone gets dry cracked lips from time to time, be it due to harsh weather conditions, hard water, or other habits that aren’t so kind to the skin. If you want instant relief, all you need to do is smooth a small amount of this All-Natural Lip Balm on your lips, and in no time you’ll notice as they become softer, more supple, and far less irritating.


4. CBD Facial Rejuvenating Cream by feelgood.

Even with a basic daily moisturizer, the face can often benefit from extra hydration, and this CBD Facial Rejuvenating Cream does just that while also delivering anti-aging ingredients like collagen and vitamin E. Its base is shea butter, which is gentle, it smells great, without the addition of harsh perfumes, and it’s an excellent choice to use right before bed so the CBD can work it’s magic all night long, or first thing in the morning before putting on makeup.

5. Be Free Hemp CBD Body Oil by Yesterday

With a delightful blend of essential oils, lavender, roman chamomile, and hemp Be Free Hemp CBD Body Oil is a nutrient-dense formula made using CO2 extraction to ensure a full spectrum experience. This one can be applied as often as it’s needed to address dry areas, smoothed on the skin after a shower, or it can even be added to a bath or applied to the temples for a unique level of relief you won’t find anywhere else.

Treating skin conditions with cannabis


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