Accidental ingestion of THC edibles is no laughing matter

Published Jun 15, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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It seems like a hilarious scenario at first. After all, we’ve seen it played out in the media all the time. A random person somehow accidentally chows down on a well-disguised pot brownie, only to sink into the ecstasy that cannabis can bring, and voila, they are converted into a stoner at heart. This fairytale has played out in a variety of different ways across the big screen, and we all have one of those friends who was hooked from their very first time, but most of us know that these kinds of experiences are ones that you want to be prepared for, and aware of, long before they happen.

What’s the worst that could happen?

The truth is that there is no way to be sure, not unless you’ve seen the person partake in THC edibles in the past, and know exactly the levels they are comfortable with, and even still, there are several different situations where this could all go wrong and fast, and you really don’t want to be the cause of any of them.

1. An accident

Whether it’s truly an accidental ingestion or a situation where someone has given someone edibles without them knowing, it can have serious consequences and one of them is that the altered state of mind could lead to an accident, which puts lives at risk, and this is especially true if the individual in question suddenly hops behind the wheel without any idea of what’s about to hit them.

2. Overdose

THC edibles aren’t going to result in a fatal overdose that requires medical attention. However, the experience can be terrifying for the unsuspecting victim. They could start to panic, lose consciousness, or just feel really fearful, as a wave from the powerful all-natural cannabinoid takes hold. This exact situation has led some to call an ambulance or go into an emergency room, only to find out that there is little else other than time that works for this situation, to totally shake this feeling off.

3. Job loss


Edibles can offer plenty for fun and games, but what they aren’t likely to do, is convince your boss that they should keep you on staff. Typically, accidental ingestion of these enticing cannabis goods happens at the worst times, and it’s often when people are in a rush to head out the door. If the person in question does manage to make it to work unscathed, they’re sure to have trouble keeping up for the day, and all it takes is one seemingly major show of a lack of responsibility to lose a good paying job forever.

4. Fear of eating

Most of us are very lucky because we haven't had to deal with something that’s in our food or drink that might impair our ability to think straight, but this happens a lot more often than some people realize in the world of alcohol. Some believe that a lack of memory can make the situation more bearable, but once you’ve consumed something so intense without being aware of what’s going on, it can have effects that impact you for life. Imagine never again, feeling comfortable enjoying some fresh baked goods that you yourself didn’t work to make, and life can get a whole lot scarier and fast.

5. Criminal charges

A lot of people treat THC edibles like they are just any other cannabis product, but the fact is that they are pre-activated, and this is what makes them so vastly different, which changes the responsibility of those who choose to use them. Throwing a bud into the trash bin isn’t going to get a random dog who is walking by stoned, and accidentally dropping one into food that you’ve made isn’t going to make any difference either.

Edibles, on the other hand, can cause harm if they fall into unsuspecting hands, which is why it’s so important to ask permission before sharing and to store your THC edibles where they are safely out of reach and in a way that is well labeled for those who might just access them by accident, otherwise, you could be held criminally responsible for any and all repercussions that may come from failing to do so.

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