When THC doesn’t work

Published Jan 24, 2023 02:00 p.m. ET
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THC or more scientifically accurately tetrahydrocannabinol is well known for its powerful effects that can cause a flood of euphoria, confusion, or even discomfort in large doses. It can be so strong that Canadian regulators felt the need to cap edibles at a meager 10mg per package, to keep consumers from accidentally going overboard, so it can be difficult to experience a situation in which this cannabinoid isn’t performing the way you might hope.

Is THC not working for you?

Are you no longer achieving a consistent 'high' feeling from using cannabis? Perhaps it’s that THC doesn’t seem to be taking the edge off of pain or inflammation, or that it’s just not working like it used to, and this can be true for both seasoned and new users. If you’ve come to any of these conclusions, and you’ve already tried things like upping dosage and frequency or switching your consumption methods, then it might be time to consider other cannabis compounds that could help to enhance the effects in a way that delivers the relief you seek.

Other elements to consider

Since THC isn’t cutting it, now is the time to look at other potent compounds produced by cannabis, as there are several capable of producing similar effects, so it makes sense to assume finding products that contain them might be just the boost you need to achieve more desirable results.


CBD aka cannabidiol is not intoxicating by itself, but there is some evidence to suggest that it could enhance the benefits of THC, and it’s also known for its ability to fight off inflammation which can make aches and pains easier to manage. Even recreational users have found the presence of CBD to be beneficial in terms of the overall experience, so it might be worth trying.


CBG aka cannabigerol is the decarboxylated form of cannabigerolic acid,and though it is only found in trace amounts in cannabis, it’s beneficial for conditions like IBD, Chron’s disease, and cancer, while boasts some psychoactive properties not dissimilar to THC. Since it is hard to find naturally in large concentrations, some users choose to purchase gummies with precise doses, to take alongside their usual cannabis product(s) for enhanced effects.


Cannabis terpenes give the plant its pungent smell, as well as many other more relaxing or uplifting scents that can be enjoyed by using specific strains, and though they aren’t known for their ability to intoxicate, they may sedate, uplift, soothe, and some users benefit significantly from the entourage effect they often deliver when combined with the right blend of cannabinoids.

Taking a tolerance break

For the most seasoned enthusiasts, THC often loses its efficacy over time due to a built-up tolerance, and though frustrating, it’s something that can often be fixed with a tolerance break. By giving up cannabis for a few weeks or months, you can essentially reset your body to a point where smaller doses of THC become far more effective. Of course, how well this works and how long it takes are not set in stone, as each person is unique, but if you’re a long-term consumer at the end of your rope, it’s a possible solution that’s more than worth trying.

When CBD doesnt work


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