Is your marijuana tolerance too high?

Published Mar 21, 2019 10:26 a.m. ET
This high is not as good as it used to be, why not?

A person’s tolerance to cannabis can affect the amount of cannabis you use, the way you consume the effects that you feel, and ultimately the amount you spend on the herb.

Marijuana tolerance break tips

So, you bought the best bud, you used the best vape, but you still did not get the results that you used to get when partaking. Should you complain to your supplier? You miss that feeling of relaxing after work, or those energizing feelings justare not as energizing anymore. Here are some marijuana break tips that may help you through the process of regaining those warm fuzzy feelings that you yearn to experience again.

The strain that you are using could be swapped out. The THC levels and the CBD levels, if changed, can help to combat the tolerance that you have developed to the strain you normally use. As with any change or indulgence in the herb individuality and the way that our bodies metabolize the strain will affect the tolerance. Some people try to be in tune with their body; theynotice that they need more of the herb to achieve the feeling that they are looking for. If you can notice this early, you may be able to dodge the dreaded tolerance theory. Try switching the content of THC and CBD that you are using in the strain of your marijuana.

Women tend to develop a tolerance to cannabis faster than men. If you feel that you do indeed need a break and by doing that you will regain those feelings of prior use, then be prepared for taking a break from a few days to even a couple of weeks. This procedure will hopefully help to flush out the dormant cannabinoid receptors and reactivate them. CB1 receptors that are triggered by THC will repair themselves once smoking is ceased for a couple of days. Thankfully after a couple of weeks, the chronic smoker’s receptors are back to normal.


Let us be real about tolerance for cannabis. You can try all the reported methods of gaining back the effects that you experience before the onset of cannabis tolerance but, the only real way to gain the intoxicating feelings of recreational cannabis is to stop using the cannabis for a period.

If you are feelingthat your medical cannabis use is being affected by your tolerance, speak with your cannabis educated health provider about the different strains that will continue to provide you with the health benefits that you require. This can then be achieved without the need for total interruption of your medicine.

How long for weed tolerance to reset

If you try a clean break or lower THC doses and go back to indulging and still have too high a tolerance, a bigger break from cannabis use may be needed. Forgoing from marijuana for a larger amount of time will do wonders to lower your tolerance. Your body will add receptors that have been interacting with cannabis and will recover old receptors that have been engaged too much. Supported by both common thought and studies, this method may be hardest but has the best results. You’ll need to quit cold turkey for somewhere between two days and four weeks. Keep in mind, your tolerance will be lowering the longer you abstain, so how long you want to go without is up to you, though the longer the better. It may be that the higher your tolerance, the higher your break has to be. There’s no exact tolerance break calculator, as individual tolerance varies, you’ll have to judge for yourself, do trial and error, or try multiple breaks.



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