Using cannabis increases sensitivity and helps food taste better

Published Aug 4, 2019 12:29 p.m. ET
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There are so many new and exciting benefits being confirmed through rigorous cannabis research that it can be challenging to keep up these days. It’s an adventurous time for marijuana enthusiasts, but it’s incredible how few people truly understand how this plant can affect almost every aspect of a person’s life. While smoking marijuana might not be the answer to each and every medical diagnosis, it is now impossible to ignore some of the longest suspected benefits that can help to encourage a better quality of life for many people.

If you have any kind of history with cannabis consumption, then you have probably noticed some of these incredible changes for yourself. However, you might be surprised to see how many influential factors are on this list, that you may never have thought of before. Here, you will find examples of some of the ways that smoking marijuana or consuming THC infused products can help to enhance the experience of a simple meal or drink.

Heightened senses

One of the many confirmed effects of smoking marijuana is an increase in sensitivity, which is often true across all the senses. However, there are two in particular that can make your food taste better while high.

Sense of smell

Have you ever woken from a night of deep sleep to the smell of bacon frying in the kitchen and suddenly felt like you were starving? This is a natural reaction to most scents that we enjoy, especially when it comes to food. When this sense is heightened, it can really help to bring out the spices and make you hungry. When you are hungry, any food is going to be more enjoyable; then when you aren’t, it seems that you can stomach a meal. So, it makes sense that this significantly impacts how you feel about the way your food tastes.

Sense of taste

This is a highly debated portion of the equation, as the act of smoking marijuana or smoking anything else like cigarettes are damaging to the taste buds. The constant heat and dryness will eventually make things more difficult to taste, which is why smokers will quite often prefer a heavily spiced dish than a non-smoker. However, all your senses are heightened after ingesting cannabis products. So even if you began with less ability to taste, it would be strengthened by the experience, which would generally make food more enjoyable.

Other effects of smoking marijuana that might affect how good food tastes

Humans have five primary senses altogether; touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. Though they can’t all significantly influence how food might taste, there are a few other factors to consider. The effects of ingesting marijuana plant products can differ from one strain to the next, but the same general results are relatively consistent. Below are six well-known effects of smoking marijuana, that might influence how much you enjoy food while high.

1. Relaxation

If you are nervous, anxious or stressed out, then you probably aren’t going to feel very hungry thanks to the cortisol that interferes with appetite. However, if you can calm these sensations, then your natural hunger will slowly return, which can make a meal seem like it tastes better.

2. Increased hunger


One of the most notorious stereotypical side effects from ingesting products from the marijuana plant is a sudden case of “the munchies.” An overwhelming sense of desire for food that might be difficult to satisfy. Once the cannabinoids can stimulate your appetite, almost anything available is going to look more appetizing than it did before using them.

3. Increased thirst

Foods aren’t always in solid form, and some of the most delicious and nutritious dishes are high in liquid content. Smoking marijuana heats up the mouth, which can interfere with the natural production and flow of saliva. This makes the consumer feel parched and searching for a thirst-quenching drink. Since the consumer at that point is already anticipating the relief from the drink. It’s going to go down a lot easier, which can make it seem more enjoyable and even tastier than usual.

4. Decreased pain/nausea

If you have recently been injured, are struggling with an illness or experience nausea from time to time. Then chances are your appetite isn’t quite what it used to be. These two symptoms are some of the most commonly felt and are often treated with cannabis. Once the distraction, stress, pain and/or nausea decrease, hunger will return in full force. This, on top of a good case of the munchies, helps to ensure that you will feel more satisfied overall by a food experience.

5. Better quality of sleep

If you are half asleep when you eat, then you probably aren’t going to notice the finer details of any dish. Luckily, smoking marijuana can help to treat symptoms of insomnia, which results in a better-quality rest, and a much more aware individual. Though this one could go both ways and help you to notice small things that you don’t necessarily like, it can also help to bring out the flavors, as you enjoy them dancing across your taste buds.

6. Improvement in mood

When we are angry, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed, it can dramatically impact a lot of things in life in a negative way. Though some marijuana strains might feed into these feelings and sensations, the right one should help to improve the consumer’s overall state of mind. Once you are happily enjoying life, you will be less likely to notice unfavorable things, and if you do, you won’t care to do much about it. Smoking marijuana can also help you to get lost in yourself, which often leads to a wandering mind as you eat. It is not uncommon to get stoned and polish off an entire bag of chips without even noticing their flavor, which can make them seem like they taste better.

Ultimately, there is no real instantaneous way to make food magically delicious by smoking marijuana, but all these effects come into play regarding how you perceive the experience. So, while cannabis might not be able to make gross dishes suddenly taste amazing, it can help to put you into the right state of mind, that can help to enhance the experience of eating, no matter what it entails.

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