Smoking marijuana and stress relief

Published Apr 21, 2019 09:22 a.m. ET
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How much should you smoke to relieve stress? For some,a few puffs on the joint will be enough to relax them and relieve tension. Others can find themselves in a state of paranoia. Usually, if feelings of paranoia are present, you have indulged in too much or have picked the wrong strain.

Knowing the amount you should smoke to relieve stress is a little stressful in itself.

THC at low doses seems to reduce stress, while higher doses have the opposite effect. The correct dose of cannabis can provide a reduction in short-term levels of anxiety and stress.

Does Marijuana Help Stress?

The combination of CBD and THC have great effects on depression, stress, and anxiety. The ratio is important in the type of benefit you will achieve. Low in THC but high in CBD is useful in the reduction of depression. However, for the best results for reductions in stress, strains that are high in both cannabinoids worked the best. An interesting note: women tend to receive more relief for anxiety than their male counterparts.

Exercise has proven to be a way to relieve stress while smoking the herb. You might choose to vape as an alternative to smoking while you are engaging in a fitness program, it will be less damaging to the lungs.

The question ofhow much and the dosing of cannabis for the management of stress is a subjective question. Look at it this way, theaverage joint containing a gram of cannabis can deliver ten times the amount needed to relax a person. This could put you over the line for relaxation and into the path back to stressful anxiety — the exact opposite of the purpose of smoking or vaping your herb.


When dealing with stress a sensible form of dosing might be the use of micro-dosing. This is accomplished by taking the minimum needed amount to relieve the symptom, anxiety/stress in each dose. The dose will be taken several times a day in small amounts, hence micro-dosing.

Let’s move on to picking the correct strain for providing stress relief.

Royal Jack: This is a more balanced strain. When feelings of anxiety from stress start creeping in, this strain will give you a body high. When you would like some alone time, pick this strain. The clarity from the CBD level is also a benefit that this strain has to offer.

Northern Light: When the stress from the day has a hold of you reach for this strain. It is a perfect choice for the end of the day. Relaxing on the couch contemplating the hours that have passed will make you glad you picked this strain to achieve a comfy high.

Stress Killer: There could not be a better name for this strain. It is primarily a sativa dominant strain. The uplifting energizing qualities and citrusy flavors will provide a CBD clear conscious head at the same time. What better strain could you choose? Start the day with no stress, fabulous.

Well just remember that feelings of stress may be better handled by incorporating smoking or vaping in your choice of methods to relieve your stress. Either method provides a quicker result than edibles. A word of caution if you choose edibles: the dosage is very important and remembers the time frame for feeling the effects may be up to one hour. The standard message of go slow when indulging in edibles is warranted. Remember to wait for the effects the required time before consuming more. Enjoy!  



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