Healthy food to eat when high

Published Feb 24, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET

The party is on, there's marijuana is ready and waiting. Music is set, the candles are burning, and the food is in the kitchen.

I’m heading out to get the best munchies I can from the grocery store. The party is set, the guests are invited, now all I need are some quick and easy munchies.

Marijuana can capture you, pull you in to continually munching. Why not shop for some healthy snacks that won't tip the scales too much in the wrong direction. A positive note though, on munching is that grazing or small amounts of healthy food several times a day may indeed help in the reduction of your weight. Seems like a win-win to me.

Here is a list of the best stoner snacks that you get, while staying healthy. All these delicious little snack morsels will pair with the cannabis at the party, fabulously! These are some of the best munchies from the grocery store.

· A few glass bowls of wild blueberries strategically placed around the room will not only provide a beautiful aroma but are great for snacking. Blueberries are known to improve blood pressure and regulate blood sugars.

· Celery boats are a delicious way of satisfying the munchies. Your mouth size pieces of crisp celery arefilled with cheese, topped with the crispy aromatic bacon, not too much just enough to waken the taste buds. The salt from the bacon will be absorbed by the crunchy fresh celery. This snack is a good way to curb your munchies at the same time as satisfying them. Celery is fiber and fiber will fill you up hmm another win-win!!

· The organic popcorn popping in the kitchen will drive them wild, who can resist that beautiful smell of that fresh organic pop-corn popping away. Let's cook the popcorn in a healthy manner; coconutoil seems a good choice health wise and flavor-wise, yet another win-win snack, don’t worry about your diet tonight. So easy to pair, popcorn might just be the ultimate munchies option.

· That veggie dish you have placed on the coffee table close to the vape pipe looks wonderful. The carrots, bell peppers and mushrooms (the vegetable ones) and tiny tomatoes are nestled around the container of your fresh made hummus, who could ask for more, certainly not your guests!


· Tacos are an amazing way of munching and not feeling guilty about breaking the diet, for when those ravenous munchies hit. The Taco station in the kitchen where you know everyone likes to gather for a while is ready and waiting for the first stoner to dig into the ultimate health conscious munchies.

It’s time; the guests are coming, I hope these stoner recipes will make your party a healthy munching gathering.

Maybe you have some of the strains below to offer the guests, and these strains do not evoke such a voracious appetite. If you pick strains that contain THC-V, they deliver a euphoric and energetic high, and they also have qualities to help suppress the appetite. The strains listed below also contain the terpene humulene, this terpene acts the same way as THC-V on appetite.

Green Crack: full of energy, not too much time to look for the snaking bowl with this strain

Cannatonic: is great for the social gathering, will provide an upbeat feeling and keep you out of the kitchen.

Enjoy your party drink, eat and toke responsibly!



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