10 Things to look for in a good quality weed grinder

Published Oct 23, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Most stoners would agree that having a proper selection of grinders to suit every occasion is one of the best investments that one can make because they do a good chunk of the work for you, by ironing out the kinks that come from using an uneven grind. For those who want a smooth burning perfect roll or bowl every single time, a marijuana grinder is a necessity, but choosing one among the million choices that are on the market today can be difficult.

Grinders need to be heavy-duty, functional, and long-lasting to provide an ideal experience for cannabis users. Unfortunately, the manufacturers aren't going to label these things in such a way that makes it easy to determine their quality. Lucky for you, we've got some helpful tips and tricks that can get you started on this journey by reducing the number of possibilities based on characteristics and qualities that matter the most.

1. Size

A good quality marijuana grinder should be the perfect size to suit your needs. In some cases, that could mean a tiny option that is easily stashed away in your pocket when you're on the go, and for others, it's a larger scaled-up version that will chop up enough weed to get an entire crowd stoned. You might eventually decide to have one of each so that you aren't limited by the size of the grinder you choose, but to start, you'll want to focus on your daily needs rather than those one time off occasions where you're grinding for a crowd.

2. Storage room

Most grinders will come with a storage compartment that can hold anywhere from half of a gram to several, which makes it easy for any situation where you want to grab and go with your stash without having to carry multiple things with you. Unfortunately, they don't all come with this feature, and for many, it's an essential selling point, so be sure to check and make sure that a grinder will hold all that you need it for an afternoon out before investing.

3. Multiple layers

Grinders aren't exactly technologically advanced unless you're opting for an electric version, but they come in all different types of complexities depending on the brand. Some will only have two layers, one for the bud grind and another for the blades, but they can go all the way up to eight layers once you break into speciality designs. So if you want a grinder that will store your weed, gather kief, and sift through the trichomes to filter out the most potent from the rest, then the more layers included, the better.

4. Sharpened blades

All grinders look good on the outside, but you'll need to open them up if you want to see what sort of power they're working with, as some will only include blunt rods that will tear the buds apart, whereas the fanciest versions will be sharp to the touch or lined with diamond. The former is going to make the job of grinding harder, and you'll have to work more just to turn the pieces, and as a result, it won't last as long, but the latter will last for several years to come and produce a nice fine grind every single time, which is what every stoner needs.

5. Magnets

Have you or someone that you know ever dropped a grinder only to lose every tidbit of green that was stored inside? Unfortunately, it happens to most of us at some point or another because the pieces of grinders are rarely fixed together with threading because they'd just gum up too quickly. Instead, the lids will fall right off if they're tipped the wrong way, but if you want to save yourself the headache, then you will want to opt for a marijuana grinder that uses magnets to hold the layers in place.


6. Strong metal

Your weed grinder might not look like it does a whole lot of work, but when you look at how small the pieces are and how much bud you expect it to bust apart, it quickly becomes evident that these devices will be prone to breaking over time. Whether it's a broken blade or a bent casing, a defect can seriously impede the grinder's ability to function, which is why it's best to avoid aluminium as it can bend and deform under pressure or temperature changes, and stick with steel whenever possible.

7. Fewer nooks and crannies

Grinders might not get all gunked up to the point of requiring constant cleaning, but if you pick one that lats, you will eventually need to clean it, and to do that, you'll want to be able to see and reach every bit of it quickly. Avoiding crevices, nooks, and crannies that are unnecessary for the device to function will make it so much easier to clean, and you'll lose less weed into the abyss, which is a great thing no matter how much or how little you toke.

8. Price

Grinders can be purchased for anywhere from $2 for a plastic keychain design to $200 for an electric speciality version, but the price isn't always an indicator
of quality. In fact, some of the best-rated weed grinder brands out there can be bought for less than $30 if you know where to go. Of course, anything under $10 might be questionable if it doesn't have all of the above-included features, but you don't have to spend a fortune to get this job done. Most good quality manual grinders range from $20-$50, so if you're paying any more than that, you might want to think twice about the decision.

9. Positive reviews

Have you ever come across an ad for grinders that just seems too incredible to be true? Be it a fancy design that is selling for pennies or a more elegant option that is fetching close to a hundred dollars. If you haven't heard of it before, then the chances are that's for a good reason. Cannabis enthusiasts love to share their experiences with pieces like these, so if you want to find one that's the best quality, one of the most illuminating places to look will be at the online reviews. Because if anyone has had an issue, this way you'll know about it before you buy anything.

10. Design

Last but not least, the best quality marijuana grinder on your wish list should be one that helps you to highlight your personality, which means finding something that matches your style. Grinders are so incredibly mass-produced that there are millions of options to chose from. From rose peal metallic to rainbow sparkle, or a more stereotypical stoner image like Cheech and Chong, you can find it all, and though it might not add much to the functionality of the grinder, it sure will make you feel better about using it.

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