The top 10 electric weed grinders of 2020

Published May 9, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Scissors have always been the go-to solution for chopping up weed. While scissors do a great job, they can get gummed up and cause difficulty cutting, especially if you have arthritis. Depending on what you are grinding weed for, whether it is for a joint, pipe, or vape, everyone has their preference of how fine they like their pot. When buying a weed grinder, always keep in mind the amount of bud you want to grind. Electric grinders do not have a kief catcher, although there will be a formation of hash-like resin that collects on the sides.

1. Wakit

This electric herb grinder has a LED light and a see-through chamber so you can watch your herb being ground up with its unique ball and chain technology. Wakit grinds fresh herd in seconds with an easy one-two tap. Wakit has a rechargeable lithium battery that charges within 45 minutes via USB cable. It’s very easy to use and allows you to grind your herb with ease.

2. Easy Grinder Clear Glass

This grinder has a clear glass chamber so you can eyeball the level you want your herb ground too. This grinder is USB rechargeable with a one-hour charge time. The easy grinder is compact for on the go. Easy one-touch grind. Easy to unscrew. It also has a very sleek design and very portable.

3. Electric tobacco shredder

This grinder grinds. It does not shred. The tobacco shredder has a clear lid so you can view your herb's consistency. It’s easy to operate and can handle more significant amounts of grass. This grinder does not have a USB option. So, if you are grinding up at home, only this is a great option for you.

4. Latent Epicure Salt and Pepper Grinder

The salt and pepper grinder works like magic with weed. Its battery operated with a one-touch operation, has an LED light and a non-rechargeable battery. It also has varied coarseness settings, comes compact and with a clear chamber in a pack of two. This grinder is excellent and works amazingly with cannabis.

5. OTTO by Banana Bros

This herb grinder is excellent. Not only does it offer easy grinding, but it will fill a cone for you, giving you a perfect cone filled joint every time. Otto is battery operated, USB chargeable, and very compact, making it easy to bring along on day trips. Perfect joints every single time.

6. Tectonic 9

This grinder is battery operated and USB compatible. It grinds your herb to the perfect coarseness and dispenses it for you, helping to avoid any spillage, so there is no need for a tray making this grinder perfect for camping trips. Very compact with one-touch activation, it’s the perfect grinder for travel.

7. Cuisinart SG-10 Nut and Spice Electric


This grinder is excellent if you have a large amount of cannabis to grind. It is not battery operated, so its best for at-home use. Simple push-down lid operation and your herb are converted into the lovely ground up buds: non-slip, and just an all-around excellent weed grinder.

8. Chewy Grinder 2.0

This unique grinder has a design similar to a stapler. It’s battery operated and compact for travel if needed. It takes very little hand strength to function and can be used with only one hand. Parts are removable for easy cleaning, and it’s a great all-around grinder.

9. The Hornet CNC Grinder

This electric grinder has a kief catcher for all you kief lovers out there. This electric grinder is excellent for all your grinding needs. It has a clear lid so that you can watch the magic in action easy clean and has many add on options that you can find on the Toys for Tokers website.

10. Epic Electric Coffee Grinder

This grinder has a large button to get your grind on with ease and a transparent lid for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, there are no USB options, but it’s a very reliable device for at-home kind of use. This grinder offers a lovely grind for your dry herb, and it’s very easy to use.

Pros and cons of an electric grinder

Electric grinders are easy to use but do require hydro. It is also hard to find an electric grinder with a kief catcher. The electric weed grinders are a quick way to get an even and fast grind. Battery operated grinders can be taken anywhere and offer a great traveling convenience, and they are easy to use if you have arthritis or eczema.

Pro and cons of a manual grinder

Manual grinders are ideal if you are on a camping trip and have no access to hydro. The majority of them are compact and do the job well. They do call for some strength in your hands, and well, not all people can make the grinding motion for reasons like eczema, arthritis, and well, just ageing can make a manual grinder feel like a job.

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