Top 10 best weed grinders on Amazon (2019)

Published Sep 4, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Though many of us are fortunate enough to have access to dispensaries, head shops, and variety stores that offer a wide range of weed grinder options, not everyone has access to these types of venues, and some of those that do would much rather maintain discretion about their purchases. That often means, having to find other avenues for weed accessories, but it can be challenging to know which online vendors are not only trustworthy but will also suit your needs as far as selection.

There are some pretty fantastic online headshops and dispensaries today, but many of them restrict how far they are willing to ship goods. Those that don’t choose to impose a high fee that might not be worth your while for smaller purchases like a weed grinder. Luckily, most of the world has access to Amazon, and with free two-day shipping for Prime members, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

If you are looking for the best herb grinder that will come discreetly packaged and shipped in a timely manner to your door, then look no further, as these top ten herb grinder options are all top-notch quality, and is carried by Amazon which means free, or nearly free shipping all over the world in two days or less.

  1. iRainy 5 piece
    Cost: $8.29
    This is an affordable herb grinder option to suit even the most experienced cannabis enthusiast. With 4 separate chambers including one to store buds, one to grind and two kief catchers with varying size filters for two different qualities of the powdery goodness after every twist.

  2. Masterdam premium
    Cost: $22.95
    For those who appreciate a sleek and simple design, the Masterdam 4 piece weed grinder is perfect. Its small size keeps things compact and easy to take on the go. Despite its micro size, it still boasts a fair-sized kief catcher that can hold up to 2 full grams of the delicious trichomes.

  3. Tree of Life Stashbox
    Cost: $39.99
    Technically, this is a herb grinder set, but for the price which compares to average stand-alone options, the Tree of Life Stashbox is an awesome deal. Inside you will find a 4 piece weed grinder with pollen catcher encased in rubber grips, a wooden stash box that features the gorgeous silhouette of a tree, and a UV resistant stash jar that can help to protect your green when it is exposed to harmful rays of light that can degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes.

  4. Kingtop Rose Gold
    Cost: $13.99
    If you love all things that sparkle and shine, then the Kingtoprose gold selection might be just what you need. This 4-piece herb grinder is a top of the line piece at an economy price but looking at it you wouldn’t know it costs so little. The sparkly gold encases the entire instrument, which helps to avoid sticking and friction when grinding up buds, and the added magnetic feature helps to keep everything together in transit making it perfect for on the go.

  5. Kozo
    Cost: $21.00
    Those with any experience in the cannabis industry will recognize the Kozo brand as one of the best options out there, as their high-quality pieces hold up to frequent use and abuse. This 4-piece weed grinder will store your buds, grind them up to a super fine powder with ease, and it even comes equipped with a fine mesh screen that is perfect for harvesting and containing kief.

  • Official Pokeball Herb Grinder
    Cost: $13.99
    Old school Pokemon fans can celebrate with nostalgia and quality when they choose the Official Pokeball. This herb grinder comes equipped with a bonus kief scraper, pollen catch, and a push button trigger release just like you would expect from a real Pokeball. Though the makers decided to make this one only as a 3-piece version, it’s visual appeal, and fun functional parts make the entire experience worthwhile at the sacrifice of a pollen catch.

  • Blue Mandala
    Cost: $17.99
    Typically, a weed grinder will be one solid color with only a small minor design, logo or emblem on the side or upper portion. The Blue Mandala adds a touch of vibrant colors in a beautiful floral pattern that is perfect for getting lost in as you grind the herb. This 4-piece herb grinder is small at only 2.5 inches wide, and it works perfectly as a gift or for personal use for anyone who isn’t afraid of a little bit of color along with a Celtic design.

  • Official Harry Potter herb grinder
    Cost: $13.99
    You had to know it was coming, after all, many of those who are active cannabis consumers were at one time fans of the infamous book and movie series. The official Harry Potter weed grinder features a small pair of the iconic Harry Potter glasses, and if you look closely, you can even see the lighting bolt scar that Mr. Potter himself had all throughout the series. It’s simple, functional and fun, which makes it one of the best herb grinders on Amazon so far.

  • Remanker Sharp Teeth Skull
    Cost: $9.99
    If you are seeking something with a more rustic appeal with a unique design, then this one is it. The Skull weed grinder uses a stacking functionality that isn’t often seen in these types of weed accessories. Once the crown is removed, it exposes the inner workings of the herb grinder, and each layer can be lifted out to reveal another until you reach the third and final compartment. A massive kief catcher that will make all your friends jealous, one that can also double as a bud storage container of up to 2 grams.

  • Giyotin
    Cost: $23.99
    Though this herb grinder option may be slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, the cost reflects the quality and workmanship that go into these pieces. Each one is made of anodized aircraft quality aluminum that can hold up to a lifetime worth of use with little wear to show for it. This 4-piece weed grinder comes with a kief catcher and scraper, bud’s storage compartment and a brush that helps to keep cleaning your hard-working herb grinder a breeze.

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