10 of the coolest rolling tray options on the market in 2020

Published Mar 18, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Sure, there is almost always a random surface available for you to roll a joint, but unfortunately, that alone doesn’t guarantee an enjoyable experience, which is why so many cannabis consumers like to invest in rolling trays. They keep your weed contained, clean, and if you get the right one, they can hold everything that you need within reach for when you need to get your roll on. The trouble is picking the right one that offers everything that you seek.

You could pick up a basic rolling tray from your local head shop and get by just fine for several years without complaint, but for the true enthusiast, a bit of extra flare goes a really long way, which is why we wanted to highlight some of the coolest and most unique options on the market in 2020. So, sit back, relax, and check out some of what we’ve found along with all the information that you’ll need to pick one up for yourself.

1. Higher Society Deluxe

Cost: $15

This high-quality rolling tray comes complete with all of the bells and whistles that you’d expect from an expertly designed piece and then some. The High Society Deluxe rolling tray measures 12 inches by 6 ½ inches and includes an easy to remove side tray, rolling tip holders, a lighter holder, a stash spot for rolling papers, and perfectly molded holes to store your pre-rolled joints.

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2. Green Monkey Rolling Kit

Cost: $24.99

Green Monkey is one of the best brands in the business, and it shows when you look at their joint-rolling tray which comes packed away in a visually appealing box that’s so pretty it might be hard to throw away. Inside this rolling tray kit, you will find an egg-shaped, metallic colored tray that measures 7x3 ½ inches, a well-made 4-piece metal weed grinder, and a rainbow-colored packing tool which comes in really handy when you’re rolling a joint.

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3. Blazy Susan

Cost: $139.59

This rolling tray is one of the biggest ones on the market right now, it is handcrafted to perfection making it extra special. The uncommon piece is a less traditional shape coming in a circle, but that’s part of what makes it so great. Though at first glance it seems simple, the more you look, the more fantastic additions you’ll find, like the padded, removable mat area for resting dirty tools, a cell phone holder, lighter slots, joint holding holes, and a built-in cup holder.

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4. RAW Backflip

Cost: $29.49

RAW is a trusted brand known for its high-quality pieces, and their rolling tray collection is no different, but there is something special about the Backflip version that all cannabis enthusiasts seem to love. This wooden rolling tray is made in two pieces that are held together by durable clasps so that when you close them together, the tray doubles as a heavy-duty stash box. The biggest selling points with this one are the magnetic closure, pre-roll cone holders, and the removable scoop, which makes filling rollers and papers easy.

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5. OCB MOBO Modular

Cost: $79.99

The Motherboard Load is one of the highest-rated rolling trays on the market, which is often attributed to its futuristic look and design. This cool option comes with a center tray rolling station, slots that are deal for fat blunts or cone rolls, a holder for a stash of several different kinds of rolling papers, and an expandable chamber that is perfect for storing buds because it keeps them safely away from the light and accidental damage. With one-inch thick separable pieces, once you invest in this one, you’ll never need another rolling tray again.

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6. Glowtray X Cookies LED

Cost: $70

Have you ever had trouble with rolling because there just isn’t enough light to see what you’re doing? If you answered yes, then this might be the perfect option for you. The Glowtray comes equipped with bright LED lights in either blue or red and this limited-edition rolling tray runs off a rechargeable battery that is quickly juiced using a USB cord that comes with it. Whether you truly need the extra light or just want to enjoy looking snazzy every time you need to roll a joint, the Glowtray has you covered in style.

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7. Myster Magnetic STASHTRAY

Cost: $139.99

This unique combination of both a rolling tray and a stash box is a rare find, and the extra features are enough to keep this bundle in high demand. The most loved feature of this rolling tray is that it is large enough to hold your stash of weed, some rolling papers, and comes complete with storage containers, and a grinder. Everything inside is equipped with magnets to keep it right where you leave it, and the rolling area is tapered to keep spills and accidents to a minimum.

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8. Be Lit Round

Cost: $19.99

If all of the extra features are a little bit overwhelming for you, and you think that you’d benefit most from a really cool looking design without sacrificing functionality, then you will definitely want to check out the round collection from ‘Be Lit’. These circle trays are big enough to hold scissors, a grinder, a rig, and a good pile of weed, and they come in over 30 different designs to choose from including everything from images of stoner snacks like pizza, to out of this world galaxy and space-themed décor. All of that on a budget just can't be beat, no matter where else you try to look.

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9. Illadelph LED

Cost: $99

Illadeph is actually a clothing company that has opted to expand into the brand-new cannabis market, but their rolling trays are garnering attention from all over the world, for their simplistic design and long-lasting materials. These rolling trays do come with a really handy, bright, white LED light, but what makes them famous is the powder-coated aluminum finish that holds up to years of wear and tear without ever warping or scratching. It might not be flashy, but it gets the job done and does come in an elegant silver finish that ages just as well as the rest of the piece.

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10. RAW Glass

Cost: $176

This one is a top of the line rolling tray that’s just another one to add to the list of choices created by the famous RAWcompany. It might not suit every stoner's likes or needs, as it really is just a regular rolly tray shape and looks, but it’s made out of incredibly thick, durable glass. It also makes a wonderful table centerpiece that you can whip out when you need it to roll a joint, and since it looks so elegant, the RAWglass rolling tray even makes the perfect gift for special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays.

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