Top ten torch lighters for dabs

Published Jan 28, 2019 05:13 p.m. ET

 Whether you are a seasoned dabber or new to the culture one of the most essential tools you will require is a butane torch. If you are late to the dabbing game, then you may be wondering to yourself “What are torches used for?’ Dabbing typically requires a nail that has been heated to extreme temperatures. Once heated the pin is pressed to the dab which could consist of any kind of marijuana concentrate. The heat vaporizes the material into a thick cloud that can then be inhaled. Not all torches are made equal, with some not being reliable enough to heat a nail to the required temperatures for dabbing consistently. We weighed all the pros and cons for you and are presenting a list of only the best butane torches for dabbing.

1. Newport

Cost: $34

This is the best dab torch for your buck. It stands ten inches high and comes with a shiny gold casing that is impossible to miss. Featuring an intense easy to adjust jet flame that can go as high as 2400 F, a safety lock, a Piezo ignition switch, and a quick refill system that allows for an easy transition between fills. Perfect for beginners and seasoned dabbers alike, this affordable butane torch for dabbing is sure to offer a smooth experience. Best used with Newport butane HZ404.

2. Blazer Big Shot

Cost: $89.99

For full-time dabbers who need a reliable butane torch for dabbing. This Big Blazer is heavy duty and holds more butane than almost any other torch on the market. Featuring a user-friendly crystal instant ignition system with the ability to reach 2500 F, there is nothing that will slow this torch down. Standing a small 4 inches high the blazer is also one of the smaller butane torches available on the market today.

3. Vector Nitro

Cost: $70

Cost effective and made with only the highest quality design and parts. Coming in a range of colors including blue, pink, purple, red, and gold. The Vector is a simple option perfect for novice dabbers and comes backed by a lifetime warranty that cannot be beaten. Rated best dab torch of 2018 by High Times, this butane torch for dabbing stands seven inches tall and features a flame length and width control with a maximum temperature of 2400 F.

4. Stok R Series

Cost: $49.99

The Stok R Series mega torch is one of the most visually appealing sporting stoner sayings and motivating quotes making it personalizable. With bonus features like child safety locks, a sturdy base for storage, and an intensity lock it just makes sense that the Stok Mega torch made our list of ten best torch lighters for dabs. The design boasts an intelligent Sure-Fire ignition switch that allows the torch to be lit with a simple flip of the switch. Offering a maximum of 2700 F and producing flames that can consistently reach nine inches and a lifetime warranty. You can’t go wrong with any dabbing torch from the Stok R Series.

5. Huayoo

Cost: $22.99

More of a universal best torch lighter for dabs. Marketed for its usefulness in preparing cuisine but just as effective at heating nails for dabbing. With a rubber grip and a bright blue metallic body, it is visually appealing as well as functional. It can burn for 60 minutes straight before requiring refilling, and features child safety locks and user-friendly adjustable knobs that are easy to access and lock into place. The Huayoo can reach 2370 F at the turn of a dial, and stores away neatly in a handy little carrying case that comes with it. If you’re looking for the best torch lighter for dabs as well as cooking purposes, then look no further. With a price point that suits almost any budget, the Huayoo is sure to offer a smooth dabbing experience.

6. Blazer Big Buddy

Cost: $40.00


Featuring an impressively powerful punch in a small compact design. The Blazer offers up a 2500 F double flame and one hour of continuous use. Perfect for any nail sizes and standing only six inches tall with additions like a flame guard, safety lock, easy igniter push-button start, flame adjustment and stand for safe cooling between uses. Unfortunately, the Blazer Big Buddy only comes with a one-year warranty, but they have excellent customer service that will get you back running in no time within the warranty period.

7. Vector Triple Flame Torch Lighter

Cost: $30

While not a traditional torch, this lighter is powerful enough and produces enough heat to be reliably used for dabbing. It comes in a sleek matte finish and is compact making it easy to travel with. The only drawback is that it will need more frequent refills, so you will want to keep the butane ready. Best for heating smaller nails around 10 millimeters and can be used with any Health Stone Glass products. Standing only three inches tall this small but mighty torch offers a triple flame technology allowing for a maximum temp of around 2200 F.

8. ErrlyBird

Cost: $50

If you are a fan of the old Charlie Brown comics and series than this one is perfect for you with a flashy bright yellow removable base and decorated with many of the beloved Charlie Brown and The Peanut Gang characters. This Torch Art butane lighter will work at any angle and reaches temperatures of 2700 F. This butane torch is made specifically for dabbing and features a self-starting electric system, an adjustable gas flow valve, a safety switch, quick refill design, requires only standard butane lighter fluid and comes backed by a lifetime no restrictions guarantee.

9. JB Chef

Cost: $19.00

The JB Chef is another versatile torch that can be used for various things including baking and dabbing. With key features such as it’s automatic lighting, precise flame control, continuous flame setting, easy to fill design, lifetime guarantee, and ergonomic shape and size. If you are looking for something that can be neatly hidden away in the kitchen drawer without anyone noticing this one might just be the one for you. Standing five inches high and a maximum temperature of 2200 F the JB Chef will get the job done without feeling too obvious to have one lying around your kitchen.

10. Bernzomatic

Cost: $76.50

Move over newbies, this butane torch for dabbing is recommended for the pros. With a fast trigger start, adjustable flame controls, continuous burning feature, safety lock, this best dab torch is sure to please with the ability to run continuously for up to two full hours and a maximum heat of 2800 F. The Bernzomatic torch is the most powerful of any other listed here. If you want the heaviest duty, lifetime warrantied torch money can buy then this one is it.  

Where to Buy a Butane Torch for Dabs

1. Newport
2. Blazer Big Shot
3. Vector Nitro
4. Stok R Series
5. Huayoo
6. Big Blazer Buddy
7. Vector Triple Flae
8. Errly Bird
9. JB Chef

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