10 Fun ways to get stoned

Published Jun 9, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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We all have moments where we’re either bored out of our minds, or without the device that we prefer to use to toke, but all is not lost my friends, as stoner ingenuity can prevail if you know where to begin.  Whether you just want to change the same dull motions that you take every day, or you need a solution that will work in a pinch to get you by until payday, we’ve got your back, with 10 fun and easy ways to get stoned, that you might not have thought of yet.

1. Smoking a joint through a headrest

Finding unique things to smoke with seems to be a personal challenge for some, which is likely what resulted in this hilarious discovery. If you take the headrest off the front seat of your car, you’ll see that it has two metal pipes that protrude out the bottom. What you can’t see, is that those two cylinders are connected, which makes them perfect for pulling a hit through. To do this just size up the hole, try to roll a joint that is a size to match, and once it’s sparked, stick it into one of them while drawing out of the other. You might just be surprised by how fun this can be, and it cools the smoke for you too.

2. The fruit weed pipe

If you’re stuck at home without your favourite weed pipe or rolling papers, then you’ll need to get crafty, but the best tools for this job hide in the most unlikely of places, the refrigerator. You can make almost any kind of fruit or vegetable into a makeshift toking device as long as you have a sharp enough tool to drive two holes into it. The first should be located on top of the fruit to create a bowl, and the second needs to be through the side, which is where you will press your lips to take a hit. This is a hilarious option that can significantly impact the flavor of a hit, which is probably why it’s so popular among cannabis enthusiasts.

3. Snow or ice bongs

Those who want a cool way to get stoned need to look no further than right here. The ice bong takes some planning, as you need to use bowls to shape the water into a perfect base, and even then, you will still need to purchase molds to create a good mouthpiece, but snow bongs can take any shape or form including a snowman, and not much is needed, other than a stick or some other poking tool to drill into the frozen water to create a giant weed pipe. It’s perfect, it’s effortless, and it’s environmentally friendly, but this will definitely be easier to pull off in the winter.

4. The pen pipe

When your pipe breaks one of the first places you’ll want to head to is your local dispensary or head shop for a replacement, but that’s not always the most convenient or instant solution, which means either going without or coming up with a different idea. Luckily, as long as you have an empty metal pen lying around, you’ve already had a ready to go weed pipe and you didn’t even know it! Just remove the ink, create a makeshift bowl with a small bit of aluminum foil and a toothpick, and voila, you’ve got a one-hitter pipe in a matter of seconds.

5. A plastic bucket gravity bong

Many of us who liked to get stoned pre-prohibition used one of these bad boys in our youth because they are really easy to make with just about any sized containers. If you haven't tried one yet, or perhaps it’s been a while, then you’ll definitely want to make one of these heavy hitters. All that is needed is a bucket or large container, and a smaller one that will fit neatly inside with a spout like a 2-liter pop bottle. Next, you’ll need to remove the bottom of the smaller one and fill the bucket with water before gently sliding the one that is cut down into the water, to ensure that the spout stays above the waterline.

From there, cut a hole into the bottle lid and then cover it with foil that’s been poked with holes, and once it's screwed back onto the bottle, you’re finally ready to get stoned in style. Simply pack the bowl, then pull up gently and watch the smoke fill the chamber, and once you think it’s big enough for the ultimate hit, then you can inhale the cloud by removing the lid and slowly pressing down on the bottle to force it out and into your lungs.


6. Moon rockets

Not everyone is comfortable with using a makeshift device or tool to get stoned, and for them, we’ve got the ever-popular moon rocket. Most old school consumers who have yet to dapple in cannabis concentrates have yet to try this amazing idea, but we promise that once you do, you won’t want to go back to the same old joint rolls, and they’re so easy! Just roll a joint like you normally would with a grinder, then use any smokable concentrate to lightly coat the outside, before rolling the whole thing in a bath of kief. Now spark it up, and you will definitely be stoned in no time.

7. A gas mask bong

Gas mask bongs are not for the faint of heart, as the delivery a heavy stream of cannabis smoke that will get you more stoned than you’ve ever been before. These neat devices can be made from scratch using a gas mask, a bong, and some duct tape to attach the two together, but the best ones are designed specifically for this purpose without breakable pieces, or adhesive to break down after use. These bongs are not recommended for new users as they can quickly become overwhelming, but if you’re looking for a fun way to get stoned, then this could definitely be it!

8. Joints made of gold

Most cannabis consumers know at least a little bit about rolling papers, but you haven't truly lived until you’ve smoked shiny, golden joints that glimmer in the light, and turn heads everywhere you bring them. We’ve all seen white papers and beige papers, and even brown ones, but few have experienced the unique touch that 24k gold rolling papers can offer. This fun way to get stoned does require a purchase, but the excitement of inhaling something so fancy is more than worth a try.

9. The discreet tobacco-free cigarette

Cigarette smokers already get way too much flack for a bad habit, but there is one way that it can work in your favor, and that is especially true if you like to toke in public with discretion. Even if you don’t have a pack of cigarettes on hand, this one is really easy to pull off after a quick purchase of empty cigarette tubes, or if you’re starting with a filled cigarette, you’ll need to begin by emptying it. Once it’s completely tobacco-free, grind up some weed, and bit by bit fill the tube until it resembles a regular cigarette. You’ll be surprised by how convincing it is, and with one, no one will ever know you’re getting stoned again.

10. Hotboxing

Hotboxing is so much fun, and though it’s most often tried by younger cannabis enthusiasts, the experience has a bit of something to offer everyone. All you need to do it is a small room with a closed-off door like a bathroom or car, any kind of smoking device, and some weed, and once you get it smokey enough, you’ll start to inhale the smoke that lingers. This reduces the amount of oxygen you’re getting, which will get you so stoned, but don’t forget to leave before it gets to too much, or you’ll find yourself in a coughing fit that is hard to recover from.

Fun things to do when youre stoned and stuck indoors


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