Stoner must haves, stoner essentials, and handy stoner hacks

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:09 p.m. ET

Looking for the perfect stoner hack for some annoying problem? Or perhaps you are looking for a new item to add to your weed smoking arsenal. Either way here you will find all the top stoner must-haves, stoner essentials, and stoner hacks to meet just about any need.

Top five stoner essentials

Stoner essentials are the most basic items that every stoner should have to enhance the experience of smoking, marijuana.

1. Grinder
Grinders aren’t always necessary, but they are always appreciated. A grinder can bust apart bud in a way that is impossible to reproduce by hand. Some even have an additional storage compartment that will hold gathered kief for future use. Grinders can usually be purchased for anywhere from $10-$50 and can be found in variety stores, head shops, dispensaries, or from online merchants like Amazon.

2. Joint rolling machine
Rolling machines are a slightly more debatable stoner must have. Some people have no problems rolling a joint or a spliff on demand. For others, however, it isn’t so easy. A simple joint rolling machine can be purchased in almost any head shop or found on Amazon for $20-$30 and make the perfect stoner essential for anyone who struggles with the rolling aspect of smoking.

3. Hemp wicks
Hemp wicks are a chemical-free all-natural alternative to constant lighter use. Hemp wicks are made using hemp string that is braided and then coated in a bee’s wax. Hemp wicks can be useful for joints or bowls and will offer a slow steady even burn that cannot be matched by most other traditional heating elements. They can also be used to make candles. Rolls of hemp string can be purchased through various vendors online or through specialty smoking shops and costs on average $5-$30 depending on the size of the roll.

4. Rolling tray
A rolling tray made our list of stoner must haves because of its usefulness. Not only does a tray contain your weed for you to cut it, but it also provides good edges to help you scoop or collect loose pieces and should be large enough to hold a small pair of scissors and a pack of papers as well. Rolling trays come with the bonus of being personalizable and available decorated in a variety of different ways to suit any taste.

5. Storage container
For a storage container to be a true stoner essential, it must have the ability to hold everything listed above as well as a lighter, a weed jar, and a pack of papers with room to spare. It should be waterproof or water-resistant and should be completely airtight and sealable. A weed storage container will cost between $10-$50 depending on its size and organizational ability it can be found anywhere including your local Walmart or Canadian Tire Store.

Top Ten Stoner Hacks

  1. Bobby Pins
    The bobby pin is a simple stoner hacking tool. Not only can a bobby pin be easily bent to shape for quick cleaning of smoking devices like bongs, pipes, and bowls, but they can also be used as a pin to spread concentrates onto paper or to drip them onto a cigarette when doing bottle tokes. A bobby pin is strong enough to scrape that hard stuck on residue from a bowl without being quite tough enough to break the material your device is made from.

  • Lip Balm
    Storing some high-quality lip balm in your rolling kit can come in handy once the repeated heat exposure begins to dry out your lips. Mint can add taste that’s enjoyable. To avoid scalding and burning apply as needed.

  • Mints
    Always keep a small bag of your favorite to suck on candy within reach during a session. Sucking on candy can help to encourage your mouths production of saliva which will relieve any cottonmouth symptoms almost instantly.

  • DIY Grinder
    The loonie in a container trick is an often-unspoken weed hack. Money is dirty so be sure to clean the coin before you use it. You can make an easy weed grinder by using any small sealable container like a pill bottle and placing a bud and a coin inside before sealing and shaking it for 2-3 minutes. You will be surprised how well this works on the dried herb.

  • Controlling A Buzz
    This one may be one of the most popular stoner hacks. You can keep control over the intensity of your buzz by either munching in between sessions or smoking before sitting down to a meal. All food and water intake can help to dull the intense psychoactive effects from using cannabis. Thisis especially handy for new users who may have a lower tolerance level.

  • Backup Stash
    No full-time marijuana smoker wants to have to go without. The best way to keep tabs on your weed intake is by setting some extra aside in a completely different location than the rest. This way, if someone gets into your regular stash or you smoke it all you have some to buy you more time.

  • DIY Plastic Bottle Pipe
    Making a DIY pipe with nothing more than a pop bottle and some tin foil is easy. Use a lighter to burn a bowl toward the bottom side of the bottle. The whole can then be made into a bowl with a pressed in a piece of aluminum foil. The mouthpiece of the bottle will be where you inhale from. Just poke a few holes in the foil, and you are good to go!

  • Lube
    While this may sound strange to some of the men out there, smoking cannabis can dry out not only a woman's mouth but also her vagina. If you plan on having intimate relations during or after a smoking session, it may be a good idea to keep some lube handy just in case.

  • Breathing Techniques
    Learning breathing techniques is one of the most useful stoner hacks going. Breathing and or meditation techniques can be used to can yourself if a buzz gets too intense. This could present itself in the form of anxiety, panic, or heart palpitations. Learning some of these for yourself could come in handy not only for yourself but also for any other stoners you happen to be around that might be having an off-putting experience.

  • Honey
    Honey is all natural and chemical free making it completely safe to use as an aid in keeping a joint burning slowly and evenly. You can use it by taking just a small dab onto your dominant pointer finger and evenly spreading it onto the outside of a pre-rolled joint. You don’t want to soak it, just enough to give it a damp feel when you touch it.

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