10 Creative things to do while enjoying a buzz

Published Jan 30, 2019 04:36 p.m. ET

Boredom isn’t exactly something that stoners are known for since the stereotypes of those who smoke marijuana tend to imply that we are all lazy gamers that never leave our basements. While sometimes a good gaming session with a group of friends is a total blast it’s nice to switch it up once in a while to keep things exciting. Below you will find a list of 10 fun things to do while high that are not only unique and exciting but also complementary and highlighting the general effects of cannabis.

1. Stargazing
If you are looking for things that are fun high than stargazing should be first on your list of go-to activities after a good smoking session. Granted, this can only really be done after the sun goes down there is nothing better than soaking in a moonlit sky under a floating cannabis haze with a few of your closest pals or that special someone. Pack some snacks and drinks and grab a blanket before heading out to a nice big green space where you can stretch out in peace and learn a little bit about the world that exists beyond us. If you want to get educational with it, you can download an app called Star Chart that uses the GPS on your phone to guide you in a search for various constellations and planets that you might glean over otherwise.

2. Go dancing
Looking for what to do while stoned that may be a bit faster paced? Head out on the town in search of an upbeat dance club where the vibrations are felt in a whole nother way. If that isn’t your scene than consider something a bit more personal like a group or couples private dancing lesson. Whether you are learning the conga or a lovely slow traditional waltz, dancing is one of most exhilarating experiences while stoned. Get your heart pumping and a buzz flowing for a perfect stoner adventure you will never forget.

3. Meditation/Yoga
We will slow things down again for a moment with the suggestion of trying a new form of meditation. Some people like more structured meditation activities, while others prefer a quieter more at peace atmosphere where they feel free to lose themselves in the moment. Cannabis contains properties that allow for a more sensitive and relaxed state of consciousness that is guaranteed to enhance any meditative state you could be in. While we don’t recommend jumping in head first expecting to find some sort of spiritual connection, there are great benefits for both the soul and the mind to take a breather and relax every once in a while.

4. Gaming
Gaming has long been considered the answer for what to do while stoned. In this new age of technology, you don’t even have to be limited to any one platform of game type. While you may notice your stats drop slightly in games where a timed reaction is of the essence, many see that they can focus harder on the task at hand and enjoy themselves more all while getting better at it. Whether you prefer old school Nintendo and Sega or prefer more modern systems like the Xbox or Playstation, there is nothing more chill than an evening full of smoking sessions and hardcore gaming to pass the hours.

5. VR Experience
While not everyone can drop several hundred dollars on a new high-quality virtual reality system, VR games are one of the most fun things to do while high. Immerse yourself in a fantasy world where you can do almost anything with no consequence. Watch a giant T-Rex chase you down in Jurassic Park or have a duel to the death using Star Wars weapons of your choosing. Start out as a princess or a monster and go on epic adventures that feel like you are there. Marijuana pairs nicely with this experience, as it allows you to relax and fully let go to become truly immersed in a virtual experience of your choosing. If you don’t quite have the cash to drop on a brand-new full-fledged pc system, there are other more affordable options, like cardboard VR goggles and higher-grand plastic ones that utilize your phone instead of a separate operating system for a fraction of the price. Even more common is VR lounges or arcades that usually charge an hourly rate for a wandering experience through high-quality virtual reality rooms. No matter which you experience this one isn't quite like any other in its futuristic high-tech offerings that are readily enjoyed by any age group.


6. Weed games
Weed games are so popular now that we have two entire lists dedicated to them. From homemade drinking games that have been altered to use cannabis instead to actual weed based board games like Grasscity and Pot Dealeropoly that all feature some fun-filled adventure involving growing and selling marijuana and, in some cases, entire towns for profit. Lastly, there is the option of 420 friendly apps like Hempire and Weed Inc that will allow you to play with and compete against your friends in a fast-paced race to the top.

7. Create some art
Things that are fun high are often exciting or based around cannabis culture itself. However, one of the most fun things to do while high is to relax and relish in the sensations that come with simply living life. Many artists and writers use marijuana as a tool to stimulate imagination and focus. Grab some paint and a canvas to see how every stroke of a brush feels slightly different when you are high. If painting isn’t your cup of tea, then consider a pottery class or a room makeover where you choose a bright, uplifting colored paint. Get brave and in touch with the inner you through artwork while relaxing and bonding with friends or alone to meet others who have found a passion for such things.

8. See a psychic
If you are looking for less traditional things that are fun high than consider hiring some entertainment. There are many options out there from magicians and strippers to those of a more mysterious nature like psychics. For some, there is nothing more enticing than getting stoner in anticipation of the ultimate view into the future they are about to experience. Even if you don’t necessarily believe in psychics the experience itself can be a fun enjoyable way to spend a few hours and in the very least, something to go home and talk about as you compare fortunes when you are done.

9. Have sex
While this one may not have much use in a group of friends for most of us, if you find yourself looking for fun things to do while high with a special someone than you may want to add having some hot cannabis-fueled sex to your list. Most aphrodisiac type attributes found during weed consumption is usually given by strains that have lower THC content with specific strains having aromatic qualities that have proven to be effective in small doses. A few cannabis strains known to increase libido are Shining Silver Haze, Kali Dog, Skunk, Sour Diesel, Blue Cheese, and Northern Lights. These strains can assist with common sexual issues such as dryness, anxiety, and pain while increasing sexual desire in a user.

10. Go camping
Camping kind of includes all the best qualities that things that are fun high should. From fresh air in the great outdoors to nature in all of its glorious beauty. Pitch a tent and take in the trails or head out on a canoe adventure down a river. There is something about nature that just suits cannabis and its effect so nicely that it is not uncommon to find others less than a stone's throw away in any campground that would love to partake as well. If you can’t or won’t do tents than even a cabin or yurt experience can offer many different options for just about anyone to enjoy.



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