Weed strains that thrive in colder temperatures

Published Nov 17, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Let's face it. We do not all live in the perfect setting for cultivating weed, so it helps to know which weed strains thrive in a cooler environment. We can all have a lush crop no matter where we live, but most strains need a warm atmosphere to thrive. Weed grows wild all over the world, but with that said, we can find a great diversity of marijuana genetics all over the map.

Sativa strains are native to the tropical regions, so they need a more stable climate to thrive. As we move further from the tropics to countries like Afghanistan, China, Lebanon, Russia, and so on, the weather conditions have more well-defined seasons. The amount of time it takes to cultivate marijuana is shortened mainly due to latitude. The weed strain native to these areas is known as Indica. Indica strains are better equipped to handle the difference in the environmental conditions such as temperature changes or humidity.

This also affects the changing photoperiod and plant morphology life cycle. Modern technology allows us to grow in an indoor garden, inside of a grow tent or a small grow room with total control over the climate humidity hours of light and ventilation, providing an optimal atmosphere. So let us get to it!

So what can we grow in a cooler atmosphere?

1. Afghani Kush - This is a classic Indica weed strain that is originally from the Hindu Kush Mountains. The Hindu Mountains have frigid temperatures, so it is safe to say this strain will thrive in a cooler environment.

  • Terpenes: Herbal, citrus, peppery
  • 14-19% THC
  • 1% CBD

2. Blackberry - This hybrid strain has excellent resilience in cold climates. Note that this weed strain tends to be smelly.

  • Terpenes: Herbal, citrus, peppery
  • 15-19%
  • THC 1% CBD
  • Indica

3. Critical Mass - This is a hybrid of Afghani and Skunk, and is a strain thrives in a cooler environment.

  • Indica dominant hybrid 80% Indica 20% Sativa.
  • Terpenes: Herbal, pine, peppery
  • 7% THC
  • 10% CBD

4. Super Skunk - Almost all Skunk weed strains will grow well in cold temps. Super Skunk has some high resilience.

  • 14-18% THC
  • 1% CBD
  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa

5. Hindu Kush – Just like with Afghani, this Indica weed strain originated from the Hindu mountains. So this strain adapts in almost any environment it can thrive in hot or cold climates. Hindu Kush is a very adaptable weed strain, with a lovely calming feeling.

  • Terpenes: Citrus, peppery, pine
  • 15-19% THC
  • 1% CBD
  • Pure Indica

6. White Russian - This strain also has a tolerance for cooler temps.

  • THC 19%
  • 1% CBD
  • Indica

7. Northern Lights – This one is an all-time classic Indica that can thrive almost anywhere!

Cold temps and the effects

If encouraging lower temps in the last stages of flowering will also give more terpenes beautiful full flavourful buds. Higher temps during drying can lead to evaporation and loss of Flowers. For those that love colorful weed, this is an advantage to cooler temperatures leaving the plants with an array of beautiful autumn colors like deep purple-red or blue. If done correctly and at the right moment, cold temps can have a very positive effect on marijuana strains.

So you can grow certain weed strains in colder temps. That’s great news! It seems like Indica is a little more favorable in colder temps, but the best thing is that no matter where you live, everyone can enjoy a beautiful cannabis crop in a variety of different climates. Sativa strains do, however, seem to like the warmer weather. In a competition between Indica vs. Sativa, Indica wins hands down in a colder climate.

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