The best Sativa strains of 2019

Published Sep 2, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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When it comes time to comb through the vast libraries of different types of weed, it can be a daunting challenge to try to find the right one. One of the most utilized stereotypes about Sativa strains is about the expected effects.

Sativa strains are believed to offer a more mellow and uplifting high that can help with motivation, and Indica strains are often marketed for their sedative effects, but there is little truth to either of these statements, and if you select certain types of weed purely based off a stereotype, you will likely be disappointed with the end results.

Whether you are interested in growing marijuana or merely investigating different types of weed strains that will pair best with your lifestyle, it is important to know all the facts about Indica vs Sativa. Here, you will find a brief description of what Sativa strains really are, along with the basic differences between the two genetic lines of cannabis.

What are Sativa strains?

Sativa strains are one genetic line of cannabis plants that are most notable for their supposed effects. However, the truth is much more complex, as some Sativa strains can offer the same waves of euphoria that Indica strains are known for.

At one time the cannabis plant species were divided by their region of origin, but now these terms are more relevant to the grower than they ever could be to a consumer. Sativa strains grow in hotter and drier climates. They can reach incredible heights up 6 feet or more but tend to produce smaller yields as the buds and branches are spindly with smaller buds.

Indica vs Sativa

When it comes to comparing Indica vs Sativa, there is very little difference outside of how they grow. So, if you are looking for types of weed for cultivation purposes, then a thick and heavy bearing Indica might be the best one for the job but make no mistake, Sativa strains can be just as potent, sedating and excellent for pain or anxiety relief as their counterparts.

Top 10 Sativa strains

Now that we have gone through the difference between Indica vs Sativa, here is a list of the top 10 most stereotypical Sativa strains around, with effects that are uplifting and invigorating. These sensations can help with activities that require focus or concentration, which is excellent for those with a more active lifestyle.

  1. Piña Collision
    THC content: 15%
    Parent strains: Blue Nebula & Jamaican Pineapple
    Aroma: Sweet, tropical and citrus

  • High Power
    THC content: 24%
    Parent strains: African Queen & Geezus
    Aroma: Grapefruit, citrus and grape

  • Super Jack
    THC content: 24%
    Parent strains: Jack Herer & Super Silver Haze
    Aroma: Sweet, pungent and earthy

  • Willie Nelson
    THC content: 21%
    Parent strains: South Asian Sativa & Nepalese
    Aroma: Spicy, pepper and earthy

  • Bertberry Cheesecake
    THC content: 18%
    Parent strains: UK Cheese & Alien Moonshine
    Aroma: Cheese, grapefruit and citrus

  • Southern Lights
    THC content: 25%
    Parent strains: NYC Diesel & Sensi Star
    Aroma: Pungent, skunk and lemon

  • Leonidas
    THC content: 17%
    Parent strains: Northern Lights & Haze & Skunk #1
    Aroma: Flowery, lavender and grape

  • Tangie Ghost Train
    THC content: 20%
    Parent strains: Ghost Train Haze & Tangie
    Aroma: Spicy, citrus and lemon

  • Supa Don
    THC content: 18%
    Parent strains: DJ Short Blueberry & Trainwreck
    Aroma: Sweet, apricot and herbal

  • Double Diesel
    THC content: 22%
    Parent strains: Sour diesel & NYC Diesel
    Aroma: Diesel, grapefruit and citrus

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