Using CBD oil to treat common symptoms in horses

Published Sep 12, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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There was a worldwide celebration when legal marijuana was finally accessible in Canada, but the number of smoking consumers hasn’t risen nearly as high as originally expected. The latest trend comes from a health-focused perspective, seeking hemp derive products like CBD oil.

CBD oil is incredibly beneficial for humans, but since we know that THC isn’t safe for all of our furry friends, it makes sense to question the possible adverse consequences of using CBD oil. The thing is, these two cannabinoids often come from both hemp and marijuana plants, but pure CBD oil will be extracted from specially selected strains of hemp that contain little to no THC.

Is CBD oil safe for horses?

In the same way that the benefits of CBD oil can extend to our dogs and cats, horses are another good candidate for CBD oil treatment. The trouble is, it can be challenging to measure a dose of CBD oil for a creature as large as a horse. Most store-bought treats and other CBD infused products are for small animals like dogs or cats, so will it benefit to use CBD oil for horses?

Benefits of CBD oil for horses

Horses are prone to aches, sprains, degenerative conditions and injuries that can flare up and become painful. There are few natural options to choose from, and while major injury requires a proper vet diagnosis, CBD oil can be incredibly beneficial for this animal.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain relief
  • Mood enhancer
  • Neuroprotective properties
  • Cancer symptom relief
  • Improved appetite
  • Anti-anxiety and stress

How to use CBD oil for horses

There is no right or wrong way to dose any animal or person with CBD oil, as every one of us will react differently to the effects. However, many specialists recommend the same CBD oil dosage for horses as they would for humans, and it is always recommended to administer this treatment under the direct supervision of a veterinarian. Unfortunately, certain prescribed medications do not respond well when combined with THC oil.

CBD Oil Dosage


CBD oil dosing for beginners should start at no more than 10mg.

Increasing CBD oil dosage for horses


The benefits of CBD oil aren’t instant, as such, it is highly recommended to wait at least 3 to 7 days to allow the effects of the CBD to work. Only then will you truly know if the therapy you are providing is having a positive impact.

Maximum CBD oil dosage for horses

There is no specific peak amount that might work on every symptom, in any creature as some conditions will require more than others, and some simply won’t respond well to the treatment. Hence, the reason why patience is so important when using CBD oil on your pets.

How long does CBD oil stay in your system?

CBD oil is not something that automatically leaves the body, as it adheres to the fat tissues and remains which is the reason why it works so well as a long-term treatment to long term problems in many people and animals. However, CBD oil dosing should be limited to a strict routine of once or twice per day, as the more noticeable instant effects of CBD like mood and pain regulation will wear off in approximately 12 hours.

IS CBD oil psychoactive?

No CBD is not psychoactive, and this particular cannabinoid is typically taken from hemp rather than a marijuana plant. CBD oil benefits are vast and there are no stereotypical stoned sensations associated with taking pure CBD oil.

Where to buy CBD oil for horses

Luckily, the same CBD oils used by humans can also be consumed by horses, so heading over to your local dispensary, Amazon or provincial website is the best way to guarantee a pure and regulated supply of edible CBD oil.

Possible adverse side effects of using CBD oil for horses

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • No response to treatment
What veterinarians say about prescribing THC or CBD products


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