How to give cannabis to your pets

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:31 p.m. ET

 Have you ever wondered, “can I give cannabis to my pet?  Many pet owners ask that question.  Cannabis alleviates pet owners’ symptoms, so surely it will help their pet. The answer is NO. It may suppress their gag reflex, and dog’s, for instance, will have trouble expelling vomit. This could lead to respiratory failure. Damaged lungs can take days or even weeks to heal. There are many other ways that the dog can be affected negatively by cannabis. The THC  in marijuana can lower their blood pressure even render them with a loss of balance, and urinary incontinence. If the THC in weed if ingested by your dog it could lead to death. Dog gets high either by ingesting the leaves or buds, if you leave your edibles lying around, they love to eat those to and just like humans second-hand smoke will effect pets.

If regular cannabis shouldn’t be given to animals what then? You might ask, can I give CBD to my dog? CBD is beneficial to pets for many ailments. Make sure the oil contains no more than 0.3 THC.

Let's look at the benefits of the CBD oil for pets, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system aiding in the reduction of several ailments including reduction of inflammation, reducing pain, and the severity of seizures can be noticeably decreased. It appears to have a calming effect and ease their anxiety. CBD may help with your pet jumping all over anyone who comes to your house. Your pet may stop scratching themselves as much as they usually do when administered the correct amount of CBD. Many dogs have trouble relaxing when going to the groomer CBD has helped these dogs relax while being groomed or even taking car rides. The anxiety from such tasks can make your dog urinate in inappropriate places, start chewing objects or outright not act like themselves.  Chronic pain like arthritis and other degenerative illnesses can be alleviated by using CBD on pets. Just like in humans, it targets the sore joints and gives the furry friend some relief. If your dog has lost his appetite perhaps due to nausea, it is beneficial to provide the CBD to alleviate whatever digestive issues they are having.

What dose to give my dog (or pet)

Giving the right dosage is important. As a rule, use 1-5 mg CBD every 10 pounds. It is best to administer the oil under their tongue. This seems to offer the fastest relief from their symptoms. If you use the capsule or through treats, it may take as long as 45 minutes for the oil to take any effect.


As with any drug,there can be some side effects, just to mention a few: nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, and diarrhea. You should discontinue use if these symptoms persist and then visit your veterinarian or family physician.

Perhaps you were wondering, can my dog, and I share our CBD oil? Yes, you could, though the strength seems to be stronger in CBD manufactured for humans the results the same. Humans do not get high from this oil; there are no psychoactive qualities. Administration for humans is similar to the administration for your pet.  Edibles, capsules. Tinctures and smoking are different methods that can be used. The dosage for humans is different, weight and diet along with genetics are a few things that contribute to the dosage. There is a standard rule that we start small 25 mg  twice a day. Every couple of weeks increase your dosage till you achieve the desired effect.

Which is the best way to administer the CBD oil? There are a few different methods that include CBD. Pick one that your furry friend enjoys, and they should have a pleasurable experience.



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