US cannabis brands for the stoner on a budget

Published May 8, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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There are over 35 million cannabis users in the United States, and market analysis indicates that half of them are making less than $30,000 a year. Budgeting is necessary if stoners in that category can maintain their recreational or perhaps medical cannabis use. Cannabis dispensaries are beginning to see the new market.

The cannabis consumer on a budget is the market of high interest in the cannabis space. Economy brands are perhaps the only ones who will survive into the future. Cannabis companies are seeing the benefit of stocking those budget-priced products rather than the high-class brands, and the economy has become the high road to success.

Well priced concentrate brands

1. Raw Garden

A famous California concentrate maker that is well known for refined sauces and resin diamonds. This company is seeing its products fly off the shelves because it is affordable at about $40 - $60 per gram. To add to the delight of this delicious product is that it keeps on getting better and winning awards. This is for the avid dabber who is not willing to sacrifice flavour and quality for a budget rated price.

2. Moxie

This award-winning concentrate is a staple in the cannabis space. Some of the mind-watering brands are Snoops Dream, Alpine Cookies, and Blue Coral, just to name a few. These budget-priced goodies are for the budget mined connoisseur who loves new tech and convivence. For the budget mined cannabis user look to purchase these products in California, Michigan, and Nevada.

3. Viola

Founded by former NBA player Al Harrington this concentrate has made waves with the budget-conscious user in Colorado and Oregon The diamond and live sugars today with the honey pots (7-gram jars). Some of the mouthwatering dabs include Screaming Afgoo and Orange 43. Purchasing is available in Michigan, California, and Oregon.

4. Nattie Rems

This company includes cured budder, live budder, and shatter, among other products. For dabbers on a limited budget, this brand will not break the bank. The budget-minded user can purchase this product in Colorado.


Incredible dispensaries

The stoners who enjoy the flower or bud as their means of experiencing the cannabis effects can look towards these U.S. cannabis dispensaries to fill there needs without breaking the budget.

1. High-Level Health

Look for this cannabis dispensary to deliver budget-conscious flower to the consumer. This high-quality flower sells in the form of joints for $10 for one 2 for $18. Shatter, and wax can be purchased for $25 per gram, suitable for the budget-minded cannabis users.

2. Lucy Sky

Education is for most for this brand. Moonshine Haze and Purple Champagne to name some of the delights available. This dispensary accommodates the early riser who is budget-minded. Sales are given to the early riser. Goes hand in hand with a wake n bake kinda person who is budget-conscious.

3. The Herbal Cure

Located in Washington Park, the budget-conscious shopper will enjoy this mom and pop shop. Budget buyers will appreciate the 25% discount for first-time customers. The stoner can look for regular deals here. Budget-conscious tokers can buy $22 eighths every day here.

The budget-minded cannabis user is the market today that may prove to be the sustainable group that the cannabis space shop owners are looking for. Based on the average salary from cannabis consumers, shop owners need to accommodate that sector to continue as a profitable and growing business.

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