The most affordable cannabis brands in Canada

Published Apr 8, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Since legalization began, the cannabis industry has been booming. Some say the prices are too high. This is partly true. When you look back on the black market to compare weed was usually always one price, and you didn't have a list to choose from. It was just one price and possibly a name for the strain, but not very often.

One would wonder if that black market dealer even knew himself whether the cannabis was a hybrid Sativa or Indica, let alone a specific strain. Oh, and how much THC or CBD was in the bud you were about to purchase, which was either good or bad, not a perfectly measured amount.

Well, now the prices vary, and there is a tonne of available information that comes along with your stash like terpenes or THC levels. With that cost increased, and you can now find weed for all different prices online and in dispensaries.

Today, we are looking at the most affordable cannabis brands on the market. Especially right now, when times are changing. Prices are of some importance when you want to stock up on the essentials, and we know that weed is an essential need for many.

1. Original Stash
With many different strains and a THC count of between 12% and 18%, Hash is also available. You can purchase one ounce at a time for $113.50 for 28 grams. That's an average of $4.05 per gram, which is an excellent price for sure. You can find original stash products in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and Newfoundland; Labrador, but prices may vary from one region to the next.

2. Daily Special
With these guys, you can buy an Indica or Sativa strain with ease. With a 15% to 21% THC count, you can find this cannabis for $69.99 for 15 grams. That's $4.67 per gram excellent price this brand can be found in Alberta Ontario and British Columbia.

3. Re-Up
Many different strains are available with a THC count of 7% to 20 % with the option of dried flower or some pre-rolled spliffs. You can purchase this brand from $37.99 for 7 grams. That's $5.43 per gram, and you can find Re-Up New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Quebec.


4. The Batch
Pre-rolled and dried flowers are available at the batch with a 10% to 16% THC count. Its $17.90 for 3.5 grams which is $5.11 per gram, not a bad price. You can purchase The Batch in quarters or half quarters straight across Canada.

5. Cheap Bud Canada
This online store has some great deals. You can get some sweet buds at 2 grams, 3 grams, or 4 grams. You can also get some excellent shatter for the low price of $15.00. You will find the cheap ounces section on the website. Great weed and concentrates with attractive prices that cannot be beaten. Please do have a look at this great website, and if you sign up there is even a bit of a discount. Great deals all around.

Most dispensaries have weed that goes on sale, so make sure you ask about any deals that they may have now or in the future. There are many coupon codes you can get if you are purchasing online, so look into those options to save money as well.

The brands in Canada are going to be expanding and making more value brands available. Judging by the already current ones available, the THC levels seem to be of good quality, depending on what you are looking for. This is some excellent news as it opens up for more competition in the area of price. It is going to make it enjoyable to see how brands compete in the future.

You can also do online orders that have pretty efficient delivery times. Weedmaps is a very reliable one. Canopy Growth is also going to be launching a value brand shortly. That will be something to look for and to inquire about when you’re at your local dispensary. Enjoy some quality brands at a great price!

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