DIY- Christmas weed pipe

Published Jan 25, 2019 03:39 p.m. ET

 One of the most traditional side dishes for a Christmas Dinner is squash, which will be the base of our Christmas weed pipe recipe. A squash works perfectly because it has a hard-outer shell that will be easy to paint when complete. Our step by step guide will allow you to create a basic DIY weed pipe that can be decorated and personalized for the holidays.

How to make a weed pipe using an acorn squash


  • 1 Acorn Squash
  • 1 bowl (for dried bud)
  • 1 Carving tool
  • 1 mixing bowl
  • Vinegar
  • Drill
  • Accessories to decorate the squash like paints or a hot glue gun and decorations like mistletoe.


Step 1- Clean out the insides of your squash just as you would when carving a pumpkin. It doesn’t have to be perfectly clean but will last longer if it’s completely emptied and then dabbed with a small amount of vinegar. Begin by cutting around the stem and then pulling the lid free to scoop out the insides. Squash can either be saved for cooking or discarded into a compost.

Step 2 - This step will be different depending on what kind of bowl you are using. If you have one with a downstem, then you can make a hole in the top center of the squash. The stem should fit snugly for proper draw. If you are making a bowl that does not have a downstem than carve a bowl just deep enough to fill on the upper edge of the squash. Once you think the bowl will hold enough, then use a screwdriver to pierce the middle of the carved bowl creating a hole that goes all the way to the empty chamber inside of the squash.


Step 3 - Though not necessary, a carb can offer more control for the user. To add a carb, just drill a small hole into the side of the squash where it can easily be reached when using.

Step 4 - Now you will make a mouthpiece on the opposite side of the bowl. To do this, you will drill a small hole similar to the carb and at the same level as the carb.

Step 5 - It’s time to decorate! Using whatever you can find paint and personalize your Christmas pipe as much as you would like. Allow time for drying after decorating.

Step 6 - The part you have all been waiting for. It’s time to enjoy your homemade Christmas pipe. Whether using a bowl or making one, it is always recommended to use a screen, so that you don’t lose your weed into the deep abyss that is the acorn squash. Lightly pack the bowl and hold the acorn squash either in the air or on a table, whichever is more comfortable. Light the bowl while covering the carb and at the last minute uncover the carb and take the deepest inhale you can. The natural sugars in the squash will complement any strain of weed.

Tip - To make this more exciting gather a group and have everyone make their own. It could end in a really fun and entertaining competition of who can make the neatest and best functioning Christmas pipe. Enjoy!

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