The sweetest Valentine’s Day strains list

Published Feb 7, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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Whether you’re looking for the best cannabis strains for sex, something fruity to get in the mood, or sweet Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone, we’ve got you covered!

1. Orange Crush

This hybrid strain is the perfect combination of sweet flavours, aromas, and effects thanks to its parentage California Orange and Blueberry, which both boast tangy sugar profiles. With an average THC content ranging between 15%-22%, this one is ideal for moderate to more experienced lovers of cannabis.

2. Pure Love

The most sensual moments come from pure love, and that’s true in the case of this blissful strain named after the glorious emotion we all hope to lavish in on Valentine’s Day. It’s beautiful to look at and measures in with a moderate amount of 14% THC and an impressive 28% CBD for a unique twist of relaxing and healing effects.

3. Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is one of the best cannabis strains for couples who enjoy a slow onset of effects, followed by a far more intense sense of relaxation that comes on strong and hard. With an incredible profile that includes berry undertones and skunk and a high THC average of 23%, this one is best suited to couples with a higher tolerance and love for pungent aromas.

4. Northern Lights

Northern Lights AKA NL Weed Strain was created by crossing two Indicas, Thai and Afghani, and the sheer sense of euphoria it brings along with a full-body buzz is what makes it a huge hit among cannabis enthusiasts of all sorts, from beginner to intermediate. However, it’s important to note that it’s often quite potent with an average 33% THC content, so it’s best to tread carefully with this one.

5. Red Haze

The colour of love combined with uplifting effects that are often compared to those you’d expect from caffeine makes the ideal combination for a date night out on the town or more intimate adventures after some Netflix and chill. It’s one of the very few pure Sativa hybrids with genetics that date back to the ’70s. This one is perfect for swooning users of all experience levels weighing in at a moderate 20% THC content.

6. Love Potion #1


Love Potion # 1 is a Sativa leaning hybrid cultivar created by Reeferman Seeds by crossing the skunky G-13 with the sweet, lemony Santa Marta resulting in a delicious taste and aroma. With milder effects that are typically more energizing than your average strain, it’s a huge hit in the bedroom, providing just enough relaxation to take the edge off while allowing both parties to stay awake long enough to have fun!

7. Wedding Cake

This Indica leaning hybrid is a sticky, sweet cultivar that’s also known by the names Triangle Mints or Pink Cookies. With a complete dessert profile, including berry, mint, cherry, and citrus, it’s a paradise for the senses followed up by a kick of spice that feels invigorating. It’s also quite potent, bringing to the table a very high 27% THC content, making this one best suited to more experienced enthusiasts.

8. Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream is most popular due to its calming effects and smooth, sugary flavours. It’s a hybrid cross between Starfighter and an unknown GSC phenotype, and it’s been so well-loved, this cultivar took home gold as the hybrid category winner in the 2014 Cannabis Cup competition. As far as THC is concerned, it falls into a normal range of around 24%, but it’s got a powerful kick, so be ready for it!

9. Blue Dream

As the name implies, Blue Dream is an excellent choice for sleep, but it’s also the perfect aphrodisiac strain in moderation, regardless of consumers' previous experience or tolerance levels. With 18% THC, the added benefit of moderate CBD content, and a sweet berry profile, it’s easy to see why this Sativa dominant hybrid is so popular, especially among those with a sweet tooth.

10. The Love

The Love is a Sativa-leaning hybrid cultivar that was created by Love Genetics to produce a significant concentration of CBD. It also offers a delicious combination of berry, earthy, spicy and sweet flavours with mild skunk undertones that are thoroughly enjoyed by cannasseurs. If you’re looking for the best cannabis strains to get you in the mood, then this one could be it, with a balanced 25% THC and 1% CBD, it won’t steer you wrong on this special occasion.

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