How to make this Valentine’s day special with cannabis

Published Feb 7, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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With social media these days, people are feeling a lot of pressure to come up with the very best Valentine’s day ideas. We want them to be photo-worthy, unique, and personalized, a feat that is not always easy to achieve. Luckily, we’ve got some ways to help you turn up the heat that are perfect if your special someone is a true cannabis lover at heart.

Turn up the canna-romance

One of the biggest things about this day is that there is generally hope for at least a few romantic gestures along the way, and one of the first things that a lot of folks reach for is a big bouquet of flowers. They are supposed to represent our love, the blossoming nature of relationships, and all that jazz, but you have to admit, they’re pretty useless as far as Valentine’s day gifts are concerned. It’s just a bunch of dead plant materials that will quickly fade with time, and there is much that’s overly special about that.

Most cannabis lovers feel this sentiment with a passion, as they know really useful and enjoyable plant products when they see them, and they tend not to come wrapped up in pretty plastics and bows, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, cannabis bouquets are catching on, as stoners around the world trade in traditional flowers for the cannabinoid laden sort. With a bit of effort, they can look really nice too, which is just the touch needed to turn a regular bag of weed into one of the best Valentine's day gifts.

Valentine's day gifts that are perfect for stoners

It’s nice to start with something pretty and temporary, but if you want to really shine this year, then you’re going to need to up the ante with Valentine’s day gifts and plans that will withstand the tests of time. Luckily, there are some pretty sweet options out there today that are fun, affordable, easy to use, and comfortable, and they can help you to make the best of this momentous romantic occasion.

1. A romantic cannabis card

Since we’re not all so skilled at putting how we feel into words, especially when there is so much pressure to get it right the first time, sometimes it can help when we take the time to practice first. Put pen to paper, and see what comes out, and if after multiple tries you just aren’t happy with the results, then you can always take the easy way out and go with a store-bought cannabis-themed line. In the end, it’s the original idea that’s going to win your brownie points, so don’t worry about aiming for perfection because that’s not what your cannabis lover cares about.

2. Keep the entertainment going all night long

Since so many of us will be spending the holiday this year at home, it might help to get started on a nice list of stoner flicks that can keep the two of you laughing and crying together the whole night through. It might not be as exciting as a night on the town, but there is little else that compares to snuggling up with your favourite person in the world and taking in some good-hearted entertainment. For those moments where you’re feeling up to more of a challenge, check out our list of top stoner games for inspiration, and you’ll be sure to find something relatable and fun!


3. Settle on some sexy strains

If you want to set the mood this Valentine’s day, then you might want to stock up on the right strains that will help. Sedative effects aren’t overly helpful in the bedroom, but there are some strains of weed out there that are known specifically to work as an aphrodisiac. They won’t have you instantly ripping each other's clothes off, but they will help to make sure that everyone feels happy, calm, relaxed, and ready for whatever the evening might bring.

4. Pre-prepare any goodies and smokables for the evening

As the night draws nearer, you’ll want to be well prepared for the romantic plans ahead, and one way to do that is to pre-prepare any goodies that you might want to enjoy along the way. Hot infused meals can be started with ingredient prep the night before, and sweet treats can be baked and stored away for the perfect time to break them out. Joints can be pre-rolled, decorations can be thought out, and gifts can be wrapped. Pretty much anything to take some stress off the big day will pay off, we promise!

5. Cannabis lube

This one is more for those who are in relationships where sex might come up on Valentine's day. Of course, not everyone is going to make it this far on this ultimate day of love, but those that do, might benefit from a way to grease both the metaphorical and physical wheels, and cannabis lube can help to do just that. It’s not going to get our most sensitive bits stoned, but it can help by enhancing the feeling of touch while it acts as an all-natural lubricant. Basically, it works quickly to get the party started as it makes things more enjoyable for all parties involved, which is why it’s on our essentials list.

Just be yourself

No matter how you plan out this seemingly important day, it’s important to remember that no matter what, it’s always better to be yourself. For some, that might mean trading in the tacky stoner flicks for a good old-fashioned love story, and others might avoid the bedroom altogether, and that’s OK. All that matters is that you feel loved, something that can only ever happen once you’re willing to reveal your true self to someone else.

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