The pros and cons of the Puff Packs subscription box

Published Dec 24, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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No matter how old you get, the trill of a box full of surprises never ceases to thrill, which is probably why the cannabis subscription box has caught on with consumers. It’s the perfect gift to buy for yourself when you aren’t quite sure what you want to try out next, and they make great stressless presents for all of your stoner friends, but each one offers a unique experience, so it’s essential to do your research before settling on just one.

What are Puff Packs?

The Puff Pack is an American subscription box, and these packages are stuffed to the brim with all kinds of new and exciting stoner goodies and accessories. Each one is personalized according to your selections, budget, and style, and they’ll arrive safely on your doorstep as frequently as once a month if you’re willing to make that kind of commitment.

Contents of this subscription box

Puff Packs are personalized by the person who orders them so that the contents will vary greatly from one to the next, but they range from a handful of small accessories to a nice sized pile of high-class glass alongside other handy tools and products to test out. They can include a combination of anything like rolling papers, blunt wraps, hemp wicks, lighters, bowls, pipes, bongs, and more, and they promise that the selection will change out each month to ensure that consumers are never stuck with doubles of something they don’t enjoy.


There are five different membership levels for these incredible subscription boxes, and the price you choose will determine the size of your monthly fee.

1. The Economist

A neat little envelope will arrive each month for the low price of $1 plus $3.60 shipping, a deal that cannot be beaten by any other weed subscription box.

2. The Mediator

The perfect small monthly package for the cannabis enthusiasts on a budget, who wants to get as much as possible for their month, and it costs $12 monthly with free shipping.

3. The Artisan


This is the essentials box that is designed to fill all of your stoner needs each month by providing you with a steady supply of the same products like screens, papers, lighters, wicks, wraps rolls and pipe cleaners, and you can get it for an affordable low fee of $24 each month.

4. The Mystery Pack

The Mystery Pack offers a wide variety of 5-7 all-new mystery items along with 4-5 accessories each month at the cost of $28, and shipping is included, which makes this an excellent deal.

5. The Premium Club

Premium membership is intended for full-time tokers who go through a lot of cannabis products, and though it costs a rich $90 each month, which might be a bit much for some, it promises to deliver at least $160 worth of enticing options to your door.


  • Personalizable
  • No long term contract (cancel anytime)
  • One time purchases are accepted (but at a higher cost)
  • A unique range of options to suit any budget
  • Convenience


  • The vague description of what’s in each pack might be a bit offputting for some consumers
  • The cost of the nicer options aren’t affordable for everyone

In conclusion

All in all, as far as cannabis subscription boxes go, Puff Packs make our list of top ten because they always offer more than what you pay for, and that’s a deal for consumers who would otherwise pay full price for the same things. So if you’re looking for Christmas presents or just a pick me up for yourself, we highly recommend you check these guys out because they’re sure to have something that matches your wants and budget.

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