The perfect cannabis strains for 10 different summertime activities

Published Jul 10, 2019 11:46 a.m. ET
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Smoking marijuana outdoors is a freeing experience that many of us have to wait until the warmer weather to truly enjoy. Another exciting thing that happens around that very same time is people begin to plan out their summer adventures. If you are getting ready to head out for some fun in the sun, you might want to be prepared and equipped for whatever comes your way, and that includes making the right strain choices before leaving home. Some people are under the impression that Sativa strains produce lighter effects, and tend to lean in their direction for anything that takes place outside of the home, but the truth is that some kinds of both Indica and Sativa strains are good for having fun with, you just have to experiment to find which ones will work for you. To help, here you will find ten favorite summertime endeavors and some of the best-suited strains for everyone.

1. Camping

For most, camping is an excellent way to get away from technology and people. It’s a relaxing experience that can be full of fast-paced activities or lazy days, depending on your preference. No matter what your reason is for visiting with nature, smoking marijuana can likely help to enhance the experience, but we all at some point, will wind down near the fire and stare at the beauty of the flickering flames. These cannabis strains are perfect for those down times at the campsite or cottage.

Cannabis strains: Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Headband, Blue Cheese, Lemon Haze, Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, Death Star, Original Glue, White Widow, and Trainwreck.

2. Canoeing & kayaking

Rowing your boat can be plenty of fun and relaxation, but you don’t want to lose your motivation anywhere in the process, as it’s going to be a lot of work to get home once you are done exploring the waterways. Instead, you want marijuana strains that will give you a boost of energy and help to keep you motivated and alert. The following strains are excellent choices for this activity since their effects will not hinder your ability to thoroughly enjoy the experience. Just remember to always wear a life jacket, and steer clear of floating devices of any kind with engines while under the influence.

Cannabis strains: Green Crack, Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Super Silver Haze, Maui Wowie, Agent Orange, Cinex, Cinderella99, Moby Dick, UK Cheese, Pineapple, andGreat White Shark.

3. Swimming

Swimming can make for an excellent workout, as well as a therapeutic aid. The skill does, however, require a certain level of focus and creativity when creating new routines. These marijuana strains will do all of that, while also gently lifting your energy levels and improving your overall mood, which can help to increase your endurance.

Cannabis strains: Golden Pineapple, Jesus OG, Jack the Ripper, Jack Frost, Acapulco Gold, SFV OG, Chernobyl, Island Sweet Skunk, Jillybean, Candyland, Golden Goat, and Chocolope.

4. Stargazing

Laying out a blanket and sitting under the stars is a summertime activity that has been enjoyed religiously for as long as man has existed. Watching out for satellites and scanning the sky for constellations is the perfect way to spend a warm evening out of the house. The ideal strains for doing so will help to slow down “time,” and increase your sensitivity to light, while providing those tingly sensations of euphoria that can help you to relax, and soak it all in.

Cannabis strains: Sherbert, Purple Urkle, Afghan Kush, White Rhino, Fire OG, Tangie, Mango Kush, Animal Cookies, Bruce Banner, Banana Kush, NYC Diesel, Alien OG, andCannatonic.

5. Fishing

Fishing is the perfect sport, as it requires skill, but also allows for those will less want or ability to travel far on foot take part in some action. A true fisherman will enjoy his days spent on the water, even if he comes home with an empty fish pail, and that’s because there is nothing more soothing than watching the waves roll in and sitting ever so patiently while waiting for a nibble. Smoking marijuana can help to enhance the experience both on land and on water, and the strains listed here are ideal, as they will fill you tingly sensations of relaxation that helps to pass the time between catches, while maintaining the level of focus required to be ready for the catch of a lifetime at any given moment.

Cannabis strains: Alice in Wonderland, Killer Queen, Dream Beaver, East Coast Sour Diesel, Mickey Kush, Glass Apple, Acid, Power Plant, Aloha, Bango, Jimi Hendrix, and Lavender Haze.

6. Hunting


Hunting is often compared to fishing, but the two are hardly ever comparable. One allows you to sit back and relax while keeping a bell attached to the line, while the other requires a steady hand, fast aim, and the ability to focus on being successful. These uplifting strains are known for helping with focus, while also providing a soothing effect that can help when you are stuck waiting in one spot for hours on end with a weapon cocked and at the ready at all times.

Cannabis strains: Higher Power, Dela Haze, Jacky White, Mother’s Helper, Bertberry Cheesecake, Jack Smack, Lemon Ice, Goldberry, Silver ninja, Chem’s Sister, Kali Mist, and Pina Collision.

7. Yardwork

Very few people genuinely enjoy having to clean up the same messes year after year. It’s mainly the enjoyment of the results that make it all worth it, but what if digging up and planting gardens, cutting grass, trimming trees, and cleaning out eavestroughs didn’t have to be such a drag? Lucky for you, there are several types of marijuana that can help make this job faster and more enjoyable. The weed strains listed below will provide energy, a mood boost, and help to pass the time. They are also known for their ability to enhance the way that music sounds, so break out your stereo, crank some tunes, and try a few out for yourself.

Cannabis strains: Panama Punch, Double Diesel, Blue Goo, Cabbage Patch, Narnia, OG Skunk, Brainstorm Haze, Carnival, Buddha’s Hand, Phantom Cookies, Mission Kush, and Nebula.

8. Hiking

Trail exploring can be an exciting endeavor, but it can also be dangerous territory depending on where you are exploring. Even the most well-marked trail systems can be challenging at times to navigate with a completely clear mind. That is why for this kind of summer activity, you will want to be smoking marijuana that will increase your ability to focus and relax you, without hindering your navigation skills. These strains are excellent choices and will also produce an uplifting effect that can help to keep you going all day long.

Cannabis strains: Afghan Widow, Cambodian, Fat Nelson, Alaskan Ice, California Hash Plant, Alien Inferno, Jack Flash, Larry Bird Kush, Bettie page, Fruit Punch, Grilled Cheese, and Hawaiian.

9. Backyard barbeque

When you are either hosting or attending a backyard barbeque, there are a few things that you might want to take with you. Your appetite, a great mood, and the ability or want to chat up a storm. The gift of gab is not something that comes naturally to everyone. If you are already a high energy individual that loves to converse and make friends, these types of gatherings will likely be a breeze no matter what kind of smoking marijuana you choose to partake in, but for the socially anxious or stressed out crowds, a boost in this department is more than welcome. The strains listed below will give you a healthy appetite, help you to relax, improve your mood, and help you to feel more talkative with everyone in attendance.

Cannabis strains: Zombie Kush, Good Medicine, Acid Dough, Blue Galaxy, Snow white, Bandana, Wappa, Heisenbery Kush, Pineapple Purple Skunk, Strawberry Romulan, andBlue Ivy.

10. Photography

One of the first things that many of us dig out the moment the snow melts is our cameras. The summer is the best time to catch a glimpse of foraging creatures that are out enjoying the sunshine too. The thing about photography is that it requires a watchful eye, a flair for creativity, and an astounding level of patience to get the best shots. Though smoking marijuana can pair well with this hobby, you might want to do it with a weed strain that will help you to stay focused, motivated, and creative which is exactly what the types listed below have to offer.

Cannabis strains: CBD Mango Haze, Birds Eye, Sour Jack, Americano, Euforia, Fortune Cookies, Thaidal Wave, Ultra Sour, Cactus Cooler, Willie Nelson, Diamond Valley Kush, and Green Magic.

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