8 Fantastic cannabis friendly trip destinations perfect for summer

Published Jun 19, 2019 10:52 a.m. ET
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Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, there is no longer a need to travel for those who wish to indulge, but there are still plenty of marijuana enthusiasts who enjoy the journey and excitement that exploring new destinations around the world can provide. Unfortunately, not all countries that we might like to visit are anywhere near as progressive as we are in their cannabis laws, so it’s important to research local regulations before you book your tickets. If you aren’t sure where to start or are just seeking a little bit of extra inspiration, then grab out the dab torch, marijuana rolling papers, and pre rolled joints and check out one of these unique cannabis friendly destination ideas.

1. Belgium

This country has plenty to offer, including their infamous Belgium Waffles, beautiful sandy beaches, and most importantly, legal marijuana. Though you likely won’t find an open cannabis dispensary, since the plant has been decriminalized for anyone that is over 18 years old, it should be easy enough to find some once you arrive.

2. Cambodia

In both Laos and Cambodia, it is not uncommon to find marijuana edibles on the menu, but they can be tricky to spot if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. Typically, a dish with the word happy or elated in the title is a hint that it may be infused with cannabis. Unfortunately, it’s a possession, and use is still illegal in the region, but the laws are rarely enforced, and it is offered out in the open for locals and tourists alike.

3. Ecuador

Ecuador is a beautiful country with breathtaking views and incredible weather. So, it’s the icing on the cake to learn that they have also legalized cannabis use and possession of up to 10 grams in public. Though most travelers have no issue with public consumption or traveling to this destination with small marijuana bags in tow, it is recommended that you avoid growing or selling which can be fine-able and even jailable offenses according to local law.

4. Peru

Peru is a popular tourist destination that is rarely tied to cannabis, but the country has chosen to implement what they call as don’t ask don’t tell policy. There will not be any repercussions to public marijuana consumption, buying, or selling, and it’s virtually effortless to score some stellar products like edibles and pre rolled joints for cheaper there than anywhere in Canada. So, save your money and shop till you drop once you get there.

5. Czech Republic


One of the most popular cannabis friendly destinations in the Czech Republic is Prague, which has decriminalized the possession and use of marijuana. The only trouble is that it can still be a fine-able offense, so be careful not to carry more than 10 grams on your person at once and consider finding a reliable hook up once you arrive, rather than trying to get it through security at the airport.

6. USA

The United States still hasn’t legalized marijuana on a Federal level, but there are plenty of states that have decided to allow its use, possession, and even the sale of cannabis-derived products. You cannot fly over American borders with pot in your bags, so don’t try to bring any. Instead check out some of the local head shops, dispensaries, and other unique stoner friendly establishments after you arrive. So far Alaska, Nevada, California, Maine, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia have officially legalized cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use.

7. Jamaica

In 2016 the government of Jamaica legalized cannabis, but the locals had been consuming it openly long before that without fear of reprisal, as the former laws were rarely enforced. Check out the local marijuana dispensaries, cannabis infused menus, and handmade bongs, pipes, and more which are scattered across the area, making them easy to find. Though it’s also a common sight to see people selling marijuana goods on beaches and at resorts, we highly recommend you stick to well-known stores to ensure the quality and purity of what you buy.

8. Belize

A lot of people aren’t aware that Belize passed marijuana legalization as early as 2017 and it is now legal to possess up to ten grams as long as you are 18 or older so be sure to pack your stash in smaller bags to take with you on outings. You will also want to be careful with smoking marijuana in public since it is only permissible inside of your own home or the home of someone who allows the activity.

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