The best strains of weed that taste just like chocolate

Published Mar 25, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Prior to cannabis legalization, most consumers took whatever kinds of products that they could get their hands on. It was not uncommon to have no idea what you were smoking, and if you were to be picky, you’d have very few avenues in which you could do so. Now, regulation has been fraught with issues, but it has brought one good thing with it, and that is better access to a large variety of well-labeled products that are strain-specific, which give consumers more control over the experience that they pay for.

There are so many different kinds of weed strains out there, and that’s why there is now something readily available to suit the needs of just about anyone. Whether you like citrus strains of weed, a minty undertone, or mouth-watering berry flavors, the choice is entirely yours, and there are guaranteed to be at least a few types that you will enjoy, but it can be challenging to figure out which ones they are.

That is especially true if you aren’t sure where to start, and that’s why every so often, we like to release a list that is dedicated to educating our readers on what is available. Today, we are going to cover some of the fantastic weed strains that offer a rich and decadent chocolate flavor, and we include a bunch that can offer a fascinating array of effects to suit any activity or result that you might be after.

Why you might want to choose chocolate weed strains

Some consumers prefer to use flavor as a deciding factor when selecting strains of weed, and it can be pretty important to those who are sensitive to stronger smells. Chocolate varieties also tend to produce a lighter and sweeter taste that can be enjoyed with discretion, and they are perfect for cannabis-infused edibles when you want to enhance the already present aromas.

While select consumers chose them purely for taste, others prefer the effects that they personally associate with the flavor. For many, chocolate is a comfort food, and the aromatic effect of its smell can be just enough to send you on a relaxing all-natural high, without the addition of THC. Though we aren’t entirely sure as to the reason why we do know that smells can play an important role in how we feel both physically and mentally.

Energetic and uplifting

If you want to enjoy a buzz, but you find yourself with a whole pile of things to accomplish before the end of the day, then it’s important to choose strains of weed that can help you to get it all done. In this case, you don’t want to feel sedated or sluggish, so energetic and uplifting strains are likely your best bet, and to help, below we’ve included some inspiration with a total of five weed strains that can provide a boost of energy that will keep you going all day long.

  1. Chocolope
  2. Chocolate Sap
  3. Chocolate Fondue
  4. White Chocolate
  5. Chocolate Thunder

Mood enhancers

Feeling down in the dumps as of late and not quite sure what to do about it? Well, the problem may be that you’re toking on the wrong strain, and that’s a really easy fix. The five weed strains that are listed here can help with conditions such as PTSD and depression, and as a bonus, they all smell and taste just like a sweet chocolate dessert.

  1. Purple Thai
  2. Chocolope Kush
  3. Sour Chocolate
  4. Chocolate Hashberry
  5. Cuvee

Pain relievers

Aches, pains, stiffness in the joints, headaches, and migraines can all take a toll on your mental state of mind and productivity, which can very quickly degrade every aspect of life. Luckily, if you get your hands on the right strains of weed, then your chances of living a much better quality of life will significantly increase. These five weed strains offer both a strong cocoa taste and a powerful combination of cannabinoids that are known to provide effective pain relief.

  1. Chocolate Glue
  2. Mint Chocolate Chip
  3. Sister Glue
  4. Chocolate Skunk
  5. Triple Chocolate Chip


For those with problems with sleep or a much higher tolerance that requires a more potent product to achieve an intense effect, these are the best weed strains. Every single one listed here is known for inducing a deep sense of euphoria that is soothing both mentally and physically, but beware, because they may not offer an ideal experience for a beginner user with no tolerance to high doses of the cannabinoid THC.

  1. LA Chocolate
  2. Chocolate OG
  3. Original Glue
  4. Chocolate Diesel
  5. Chocolate Mint OG
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