The best cannabis concentrates to stock up on right now

Published Apr 23, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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One piece of advice that nearly everyone in the world is abiding by is to keep unnecessary travel to a minimum, and that means stocking up on supplies for longer than you might otherwise on a typical day. Instead of casually heading out the door for that bag of chips you forgot, or a sweet tooth that suddenly hit, we’re forced to rethink our approach and plan ahead as much as possible.

For cannabis enthusiasts, it could be challenging to make it through the days of feeling cooped up, and since we aren’t entirely sure of what we can expect over the coming weeks or months, it’s best to stock up on options that can withstand both the test of time and a rigorous disinfecting upon arrival. Cannabis buds that are weighed on the spot aren’t the best option right now, but there are plenty of concentrates choices out there that will store well, and that typically come in airtight and well-sealed containers.

1. Oil

Both edible cooking oil and smokable THC oil are processed long in advance of consumers receiving them, which is why they are stored in glass or plastic containers. These products cannot withstand excessive exposure to the light, but if you’ve got a dark closet or stash box, they will last for months on end, which is why they make a good stock up option that won’t go to waste.

2. Shatter

Shatter is a flavorful product that offers a potent hit that is infamous among dabbers, and it’s also a good cannabis concentrate if you’re looking for something to stock up on. It’s usually more affordable than designer extractions, and it usually comes in a neatly sealed airtight package by the gram straight from the factory, which makes it easy to disinfect and to store for long periods.

3. Distillate

CBD and THC distillate both offer a truly unique experience, because you can quite literally ingest or use them in any way that you like. THC distillate is perfect for smoking, vaping, making edibles, or for a finely tuned dose of cannabinoids orally, which requires no flame, no device, and no unhealthy side effects. It also stores well long term and comes in a perfectly sealed syringe for easy delivery, which makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to stock up.

4. Moon rocks

It might seem strange that moon rocks made the list, while regular buds alone did not, but it’s all thanks to the potent hash oil seal that encompasses each one. This thick and sticky cannabis concentrate adds a potent punch, but it also makes it necessary to package them in small quantities and individually straight from the manufacturer. That means that the inside should be sterile by the time that it arrives, and that it’s safer because it reduces human contact with your consumable goods.

5. Hash

Cannabis buds begin to break down relatively soon after they’ve been picked, and though you can get quite a bit of life out of a bag, it simply cannot compare to that of hash. Hash comes in several different forms, but they are all built to last and pack a powerful hit while taking up very little storage space, which is what makes them an excellent choice if you want to stock up for the next few weeks.

6. Crystals / Diamonds


These rare cannabis-derived treats are difficult to find and expensive to buy, but once you try them, we guarantee that you will be hooked. They can be tossed into water for an infused drink that quenches the thirst or made into edibles, but they can also be smoked or vaped, so it’s really another one size that can truly fit all option. This product consists of up to 99% THC, and it lasts for months, so it’s great for storing away for a rainy day.

7. Vape juice

COVID-19 has halted a whole lot more than retail sales, as many manufacturers have been impacted through total shutdowns or a lack of employees who are willing to take the risk, and this has already led to a dramatic decline in the number of vaporizers and their accessories that are being made. That is why, if you’re a vaper, you might want to stick up on some good quality THC juice that will help to get you through the coming weeks.

8. Terp sauce

Terpene sauce is a relatively new cannabis concentrate to hit the market, but that is only because it is difficult to make without the right tools on hand. It is so pure, filled with potent cannabinoids, terpenes, and terpenoids that tastes just like freshly harvested buds fresh from the garden, without the throat scratchy effects that come from combusting the green plant materials. It is also typically sold in a glass or silicone container that is sealed until it gets home to you, which is why we think it’s a good option for those who truly enjoy the bud.

9. Budder

No, this isn’t the same as cannabutter, which can be whipped up in a jiffy with any of the products on this list. Instead, it’s a smokable and vapeable concentrate that looks an awful lot like a smoother, more mouldable version of shatter. Budder can be expensive depending on the supplier that you choose, but it’s made in a quality-controlled environment and kept in glass or silicone containers that hold up great long term in storage.

10. Wax

If you prefer cannabis concentrates that you can mold and manipulate in your hands like putty, then wax might be the best stock up choice for you. It’s full of flavor and can be used in a variety of devices, but its best feature is that it’s easy to work with regardless of your preferred method of smoking or vaping. Another great thing about wax is that it lasts, and it comes in a durable sealed container that you can stash away and forget about until you need it the most.

There is no way to know for sure which of these fantastic cannabis concentrates is the right one for you until you try them, which is why we highly recommend ordering samples before stocking up with a bulk purchase. That way, you are truly prepared and have everything that you need including some chill during the uncertain times that lie ahead.

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