Cannabis concentrate extraction kits for beginners

Published Oct 26, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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The legalization of marijuana introduced an exciting new age of prospect, but unfortunately, pending rules highly restrict the types of products that consumers have access to, through licensed vendors. However, now that growing and processing marijuana plants are legal in Canada, enthusiasts don’t have to wait for the bureaucracy to be cleared. Though it might not be legal to buy most cannabis concentrates, it is legal to sell products and machines that help to make the process as easy as possible.

All you will have to do is buy or grow some buds so that you’ll have some materials to extract from. At first glance, some of these listed options might look a tad overwhelming and complicated, but anything that is found within this article is ideal for anyone who has little to no knowledge on how to make cannabis concentrates like cannabutter, THC oil or hash.

1. Magical Butter Botanical Extractor
Cost: $174.95
This amazing machine is world-renowned, and its quality has done nothing but improves over the years. The basic starter kit comes with everything that you could ever need, with the exception of the marijuana plant materials. This amazing machine can make THC oil, cannabutter, tinctures and topicals. Inside the box, you will find one heat resistant silicone glove, one stainless steel machine and an instruction booklet to guide you on the exciting journey of making cannabis concentrates of all kinds.
Where to buy: www.magicalbutter.com

2. Source Turbo Extractor
Cost: $745.99
If you are someone who is seeking a helpful tool for making edibles, then look no further, as this heavy-duty, nickel-plated extractor might be just the solution. Source Turbo is perfect for more than your average weed brownies, and it can make cocktails, lotions and THC oil using a unique process, that requires alcohol. Once the transformation is complete, the alcohol is taken out of the concentrate, leaving behind a chemical-free result, and it does it all at the push of a button from an app on your cell phone.
Where to buy: www.growdaddy.com

3. Bubble Magic Mini Extraction Machine
Cost: $339.99
Dabbing is one of the hottest trends this past year, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, anytime soon. The problem with dabbing is that to do it, you will need thick, resinous cannabis concentrates that are malleable. Whether you are looking to make a super processed, thick shatter or a thinner THC oil for cooking or vaping, this machine will get the job done, and it’s so easy that even the least experienced in the kitchen can make a high-quality product with ease.
Where to buy: www.trimleaf.ca


4. Concentrate Kit
Cost: $49.99
This one is for all of the vapers out there who have thick cannabis concentrates or dry plant matter that they would like to turn into THC oil, that is ready to fill a tank. The concentrate kit makes it easy to experiment will all different types of marijuana products, while turning them into something new and unique with a few drops in mere minutes.
Where to buy: www.concentratekit.com

5. The Butter Brewer
Cost: $70
Just like the name says, the Butter Brewer is the more affordable alternative cannabutter maker, and don’t let its price point fool you. The quality of this machine is unbeatable, and its design is more user-friendly and is less reliant on other technology. While typically the integration of technology helps to make these tasks easier, the real hands-on experiences allow the user to fully understand the process, which always leads to a higher quality and a more potent product in the end.
Where to buy: www.amazon.ca

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