The best bongs for sale in 2020

Published Jun 19, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Only the best bongs for our readers! Bongs are a great way to have a puff puff pass and kickback to relax. We realize that a bong is a personal decision, and if you prefer a bong, then chances are you have a little collection going, but in case you’re on the market for something fun and new, we have put together a list of the best bongs for 2020.

There are many different bongs on the market, of all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colours. They can go from very pricy to very cheap. We can all agree that a bong that cleans up quickly is a definite bonus to any stoner’s arsenal, so let’s have a look at the list we have put together for your reading pleasure.

How does bong work?

Water bongs are a straightforward gadget. It cools and filters the heated cannabis smoke through the water for a very joyfully smooth puff when the smoke passes through the water, which allows for the filtration of any massive residue particles and molecules. Bongs are easy to clean and have a lot in common with the well-known hookah. The difference between a bong and the hookah. Is that the hookah has hoses and is much bigger than a bong, but both do the same job?

The best bongs of 2020

1. Black Leaf Flask

Black leaf flask bong ice 9 mm this is a very simple bong. It has very thick glass making it extremely durable and is priced under $100.

2. Blaze Glass Recycler Bong with Honeycomb & Drum Percolator

The recycler bong has honeycomb diffuser and a percolator for the best effectiveness. The water flows through the drum to support proper cooling and filtration. Nice thick and durable and under $100.

3. Glass gravity bong /bucket bong

This bong works a little differently than the other bongs instead of the water, cooling the smoke. It draws the smoke into the bong. Durable and very easy to take apart and clean. The gravity bong is under $100.

4. Sessions Bong

This is an excellent bong its very pleasing to the eye and very simple to use easy cleaning. Nice thick glass and very durable with a nice comfortable grip bottom. This bong will cost you around $140.00, but it is most definitely worth it.

5. Dopezilla Glass Bong with Tree percolator


This bong is nice and compact has the percolator for proper filtration. Very durable and will only cost $41.00, and it is a nice durable bong for all your smoking needs.

6. Tank Glass Bong

This bong is virtually indestructible, very thick glass has a classic beaker design with an extra-large ice chamber. This bong is expensive. But when you consider that it is practically indestructible, it might not seem like that much. This bong will cost you $179.00.

7. OOzeKettle portable bong

The Ooze bong is functional and compact, which makes it easy to take along for the ride. It will fit into the bag perfectly. Ooze has a built-in magnetic strip that will hold your dabber tool in place. It has a glass chamber that you can remove that makes for easy cleanup. This bong will cost you $54.00, and that’s a great price with convenience.

8. The Thick Boy beaker bong

The thick boy has very durable glass. It also has an ice catch and a straight neck mouthpiece with a rolled edge and a broad base with a matching round glass herb slide. This bong will run you $69.00.

9. MJ Arsenal “Cache” Bong with a built-in stash jar

The convenience of a stash jar is incredible. It is located inside the beaker base with a cork to keep your stash beautiful and safe. It has a built-in down stem, and a ground great joint bong this bong will cost you $94.00.

10. My Bud Base Rose Porcelain Vase water pipe

This bong is a beautiful piece of feminine art very elegant. Very functional and has a very high-class consumption. This bong makes a great gift for a loved one or even a wedding gift. Roses symbolize hope promise and new beginnings. A fantastically classy rose bong that will cost you $89.25.

Bongs are an excellent way for a marijuana consumer to smoke pure weed and not require papers. There are so many different styles. It’s a fun, good idea to do a little experimenting to find the right fit for you. Shop around online or in a headshop, and they will be more than happy to give you some guidance—cheers to a nice clean bong hit.

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