Mini Bong’s - The basics

Published Feb 13, 2019 03:39 p.m. ET

In a continually changing world of cannabis paraphernalia, smoking or vaping devices can be difficult to keep up with. There are so many different options available to choose from. There are rolling papers, pipes, bongs, one-hitters, dab rigs, e-rigs and more which can be an incredibly overwhelming experience to sift through if you don’t quite understand both the benefits and the mechanics of each device. Here we will focus on a more basic option that is also one of the least understood, the mini bong.

What is a Mini Bong?

A mini bong is any miniature bong that functions the same way as their full-sized counterparts would, with the most significant difference between the two being in the experience that is felt when they are used. The bowl is filled with cannabis and lit, while the user draws in the smoke through the mouthpiece. Once the user is almost finished the carb is then uncovered, and the smoke is released into the person’s lungs as it exits the chamber.

Types of Mini Bongs

As mentioned above, a mini bong can and will resemble almost any kind of full-sized bong. While you may not see a gravity style bong, you can buy a mini bubbler, a mini beaker bong, a mini glass tube bong, and just about any other type you can think of. The most significant qualifying factor to a device being a mini bong is that the device should be able to easily fit inside of your hand and function mechanically the same way that a regular bong would. Thismeans that you will find both wet and dry options to choose from. They can also be made from the same traditional materials you would expect to see from any kind of bong including glass, metal, ceramic, wood, and stone.

Benefits of using a Mini Bong

Using a small bong comes with a variety of potential benefits for the user which include:

Weed Savings - A small bong will come equipped with a mini bowl which will likely contain no more than 0.5 grams of herb at a time. Some are even smaller and only administer single hits that are spaced out making smoking cannabis a much slower task. It’s easy to burn up an entire gram in a full-sized bong bowl, but a mini bong will help to keep your portions small which will help to make your weed last longer.


Compact - The size of a mini bong makes it ideal to travel with as it can easily be wrapped in a small soft storage pouch without much risk of breakage. These small bongs will fit inside of a typical shirt pocket no problem making them easy to keep on you in case you need a hit while out and about.

Price point - Mini bongs will be much cheaper on average than their full-sized counterparts, sometimes as much as 80% cheaper. This is because for the most part designs are very basic, and their size means less expensive material is required, and those savings are then passed down to the consumer in the form of a lower price point.

Less harsh hits - If you are afraid to use a bong due to a negative experience in the past with a full-sized bong, a small bong may be a more enjoyable option for you. The bowl is tiny, which means that you will burn less herb with each inhale and the harshness of the hit will be lessened for it. Some largerbongs are bad for allowing too much oxygen to mix with the smoke which can make taking a toke seem much more difficult than it should be. The experience described by most users of small bongs is a lighter and more enjoyable inhale.

Dosage control - If you are using cannabis for medicinal use then measuring out specific doses to achieve the desired effect can be crucial in the user’s success in moderately medicating rather than over-medicating. A small bowl that holds less than half of one gram will help you to keep tabs on how much you need to get the very same effect every single time you use it.

Discreet - A large bong can be tacky and too obvious to pull out when in public. Mini bongs come in so many designs.Many of which are so incredibly discreet that they will make it look like you are enjoying a cigarette keeping any nearby nosey folks out of the know. They are also easy to pre-pack and carry around for when you must be ready for an opportunity to arise that allows you to smoke when no-one else is nearby in a hurry.

Where to buy a Mini Bong?

If you want the best selection of small bongs or mini bongs, your best chance will likely be to visit a local head shop. Try to choose one that is highly recommended and is known for backing their products, so you don’t end up with a purchase that disappoints you. Check reviews, ask questions, and never make a purchase you aren’t completely confident in.



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