The best 5 bongs for smoking marijuana buds

Published Jul 12, 2019 01:23 p.m. ET
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1. Strawberry Bong

Cost: $123.95

This bold centerpiece is a huge hit with the ladies and the perfect addition to any bong collection. Featuring a bowl that is meant for smoking marijuana flowers, and a chamber and stem that are tastefully decorated with vibrant, and partially see-through strawberries that climb the entirety of the piece. This beaker bong is made by Swerve who specializes in high quality, hand painted, one of a kind devices for smoking marijuana, including bongs and dab rigs.

Where to purchase a Strawberry Bong: www.badassglass.com

2. Gnosy Glass Illuminati

Cost: $600

These water weed bongs surpass anything that you would typically come across at your local head shop. The Gnosy Glass water bong glows in the dark, emitting an eerie and yet somehow relaxing glow across the room. As the smoke travels through the stem, you can watch as the illumination really highlights the smoke designs making for an interesting show while in use. The beaker shape lends a stability to the device that helps them to last, and the light is created using oils and paints that are encrusted in the glass, so they won’t wash away over time through regular use.

Where to purchase a Mini Green Splash: www.thabongshop.com

3. Trailer Park Boys SiliBong Triple Threat

Cost: $80

Since the unfortunate passing of John Dunsworth AKA Jim Lahey, there has been a minor stop to the Trailer Park Boys Franchise. However, they have made some new appearances and have even signed a contract with Netflix for a brand-new cartoon series which continues to draw in fans both new and old. Whether you are an old school fan, or a new follower, this Trailer Park Boys Triple Threat weed bong is the perfect way to show your love and respect for the Canadian crew.


Where to purchase a Trailer Park Boys SiliBong: www.bcsmokeshop.com

4. Cheech and Chong Bubble Tank

Cost: $100

This Cheech and Chong joint bong is one of a kind in its design, which can be used for marijuana bud flower grind, or pre-rolled joints. The center of the bowl hosts a tube that runs inside of a secondary chamber that allows you to use either one without having to modify the bong itself at all. Aside from functionality, this weed bong sports a nice big photo of the iconic legends of cannabis that have been popular since the 1970s.

Where to purchase a Cheech and Chong bong: www.bcsmokeshop.com

5. Diamond Glass Gold Bong

Cost: $240

This is a limited edition weed bong, so if you have the opportunity, you should definitely give it a try. From mouthpiece to the base is coated in a shiny gold paint with decorative pot leaf designs encrusted on the stem. These pieces offer a cool draw and large water chamber for the bubbling effect. If you are looking for a unique showpiece that will catch attention and make you feel that much more special, then you’ll be wanting to sport one of these classics this summer.

Where to purchase a Glass Gold Bong: www.badassglass.com

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