Some of the sweetest dessert-flavored weed strains in the world

Published Apr 24, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Everybody has a favorite kind of weed, with some preferring stinker, more pungent varieties, and others seeking a lighter and sweeter experience. That’s the wonderful thing about cannabis, as it comes with a massive range of options that can cover just about anything you can imagine, including both the taste and the effects that you desire.

The hardest part about that is figuring out which ones suit your needs, and then, of course, finding a cannabis dispensary that actually carries the strain you’re after. So, it’s a good idea to equip yourself with a list of potential matches long before you are ready to make a purchase. Luckily, you’ve got a host of online resources at your fingertips to help, including those of us at, who are watching out for the latest and greatest news on the subject.

Whether you want Sativa strains, Indica strain, or would prefer to find something that falls somewhere in the middle, we’ve got you covered, and today, we’re going to bring to light some of the best, rarest, and most delicious dessert-inspired strains. These options are ideal for anyone who has a sweet tooth but remember that this weed strains list focuses on flavor, so you might not like everything that is offered up.

To help to avoid this issue, and to make things much easier for our loyal readers, we have split this list up into sections that describe the potential effects that you can expect from each and every kind. Try your best to find one that sounds delicious, but while you’re at it, keep in mind that the effects are just as important, especially if you’re using them to quell a specific symptom.

Daytime dessert flavored weed strains

These super-sweet treats are considered to be the very best weed strains for daytime use due to their lighter, more energetic effects. Most days there will be errands to run, work to finish, and other things to do, so you’re probably not going to want to feel unmotivated or sedated at that time, and these weed strains are perfect because they can help to improve your mood, melt away stress, increase focus, and more.

The more energetic effects of these weed strains are also ideal for beginner consumers, as a heavy high can be intimidating and even uncomfortable to those with a lower tolerance to THC. So, if you’re trying to stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed while getting high and hitting that sweet tooth craving, then this is the portion of the list that’s probably most suitable for you.

1. Key Lime Pie
Type: 75% Indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 19%-22%

2. Girl Scout Cookies
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 19%

3. Cherry Pie
Type: 60% Indica dominant hybrid
THC content: 16%

4. Wonka’s Bubbalicious
Type: 70% Sativa dominant hybrid
THC content: 22%


5. Cotton Candy Kush
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 20%

Nighttime dessert flavored weed strains

These are heavy-hitting weed strains that are most widely known for their ability to induce a cerebral based high. The effects of this kind of buzz can be detrimental if you have a bunch of things that you were planning on getting done, but if you want to relax at the end of a long day, treat irritating bouts of pain and stiffness, get a better night’s sleep, or you just want to sink into your couch and feel amazing while you enjoy some games or television, then this is definitely the list you’re going to want to look into.

Now, some cannabis enthusiasts find that they’ve built up a pretty good tolerance over the years, and for them, these weed strains might not seem too sedating, but they are perfect for delivering a tingly and enjoyable high, even for the most experienced connoisseurs. Just be careful and start with low doses if you are worried that the THC content might be a little bit too much in the long run.

1. Birthday Cake Kush
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 19%

2. Pink Cookies
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 24%

3. Blueberry Pie
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 21%

4. Ice Cream
Type: 60% Indica dominant
THC content: 22%

5. Wedding Cake
Type: Hybrid
THC content: 21.5%

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