Some of the hottest hemp products of 2019

Published Dec 11, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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The hemp plant is a very versatile, vigorous plant that we have been blessed with. There is a multitude of things that can be made from hemp. The fact is that we can make everything from paper and clothing to building materials for housing. Hemp is known to be one of the most durable fibers available, which is why hemp has earned great respect from those looking to be eco -friendly. There is an array of products that have been made from hemp. Now, let us have a gander at some of these heavenly products and do a review of what's available.

1. Hemp hearts
This lovely heath food has a big thumbs up for many health enthusiasts. Hemp hearts are made from the most nutritious part of the hemp seed by shelling the seed you get the raw, nutritious center. With a tender crunch and nutty flavor, it is scrumptious and sustainable and full of digestible omegas and protein vitamins and minerals! These lovelies can be sprinkled on cereal salads and yogurt or add to your baking ingredients for a sweet and nutty flavor. They are sold both in the grocery store and online.

2. Hemp bombs
Bath bombs can be a way of treating yourself to a spa-like bath while savoring the scents and inducing some very beneficial relaxation. Hemp bath bombs are all-natural and comfortable on the most delicate skin. There are several different scents available for whatever vibe you want to create, and they are great for kids as they have a fun fizzy reaction when activated by water.

3. Shampoo & conditioners
There is some very hydrating hair care. Hemp stem cells are phytocannabinoids antioxidants extracted from the stalk of the hemp plant. They help to ward off premature signs of aging and block UV rays and pollution, leaving your hair beautiful and fabulously soft. These items are perfect for all hair types and made using 100% pure hemp seed oil which creates a nourishing complex of proteins that are rich in vitamin E, C, B1, B3, & B6. You can buy both hemp shampoo and conditioner online.

4. Hemp tea
Hemp tea has many valuable properties and can help to alleviate anxiety, improve lung health, and swiftly ease nausea. It also promotes heart health and reduces chronic pain. The tea is very healthy and will not give you a high as there is not enough THC in the hemp plant to produce the psychoactive effects. Hemp tea is an ancient drink that originates from Asia. The best way to activate the CBD in hemp tea, it is recommended that you add a little milk, coconut oil, or butter. The fatty content helps activate and hold the CBD

5. Hemp milk
Hemp milk is made by grounding the seeds in water. Very comparable to almond milk. It has a nutty taste and is an excellent alternative to cow's milk. You can add hemp milk is useful to add to your fruit smoothies or drink on its own either way you will benefit from Hemp milk

6. Hemp vodka
Colorado gold distillery has created the first vodka to be fermented and distilled in hemp, has 40% alcohol, and is an excellent smooth vodka that is rich in flavor with some fruity undertones. Nice for cocktails.

7. Hemp flour
This hemp seed flour is gluten-free and contains 33% protein. Hemp flour is more comfortable in the digestive system. Anyone that has a gluten, nut, dairy, or wheat allergies will benefit from hemp flour. Hemp flour is a healthy choice that invites energy.

8. Hemp oil soap bar
Made with hemp oil and eucalyptus, this amazingly fragrant soap. This soap is long-lasting and very lovely on your skin, removes oils, and leaves you feeling squeaky clean. Recommended by many people and neurosis dry skin.

9. Hemp clothing
Hemp is very durable. Sailors used hemp rope to tie their sails and dock their boats. There are many excellent hemp clothing stores, hemp is stronger than cotton and lasts longer very breathable and won't smell moldy.


10. Hemp CBD oil
CBD oils are made from the hemp plant; it will not get you high. But will support many ailments like chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, depression, hypertension, seizures, insomnia, and eating disorders. With just a few drops, you can start a whole healing process.

11. Hemp rolling papers
Hemp rolling papers were created to provide customers with ana additive-free and less processed rolling paper. Hemp papers are vegan and have a natural sugar gumming that means no glue.

12. Hemp blankets and sheets
These sheets and blankets are made from a hemp cotton mix that makes for a great night's sleep. They are durable and long-lasting and have comfort that can't be replaced very breathable so great for those hot nights. These sheets get softer overtime, like all hemp materials. They can be purchased online or instore.

13. Hemp beauty products and makeup
There are many lines of hemp makeup on the market. made with natural ingredients. They have been the hype of this year as they have made a mark on the makeup industry!

14. Hemp shoes
Did you know that every year on 420, some leading national brands showcase limited addition hemp shoes? Some brands carry them regularly now. Natural, durable shoes that last . This makes sense since hemp is a breathable material that does not hold nasty smells. Thanks to the natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of hemp

15. Hemp socks
100% hemp socks are moisture-resistant and ideal for athletes. They are also breathable, lightweight, anti-fungal antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. The natural properties of hemp your feet won't sweat won't stink, and hemp will not irritate. Available online and in-store.

What is hemp?

Hemp is an exotic plant that has offers so many eco-friendly and healthy benefits. You can make almost anything from this magical plant. Hemp plants' have an incredible healing power that has changed people's lives. The beauty is that this plant is becoming legal in so many more countries then we ever could have imagined. We have come so far with our knowledge of hemp. Advocates everywhere should be proud of the many accomplishments that have been made in regards to the lovely hemp plant.

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