Must have hemp clothing lines of 2019

Published Nov 22, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Hemp is very eco-friendly and has no requirement for pesticides, uses very little water, and rejuvenates the soil with each cycle! The long roots of the miracle plant help reduce erosion. There are many advantages to the miracle plant hemp! This amazing plant has been in use since 770 AD. At that time, hemp was used to make sail canvases, rope textiles, food such as oil and seeds, sacks, paper.

Hemp materials have a natural strength that keeps up with everyday wear and tear. Hemp is entirely natural, which makes it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, and it uses smaller amounts of land to grow, resulting in the use of less water. Hemp is mold resistant, helping prevent odors, protects the skin with its natural UV resistance, and is very absorbent. It also does not require chemicals in the soil for growth and makes materials that are fantastically soft.

1. Tenttree
This company has an excellent eco mission, so they stand by the environment and stay true to their goal by planting trees! This clothing line is made with organic cotton, recycled polyester, cork trims, coconut buttons, and Tencel. Tentree has an array of fashionable clothing, including wallets, cardholders and hats backpacks, and even a few things for the dog lovers out there.

Everything from Tentree is eco-friendly .buying an item from Tentree plants ten trees how cool is that! Thumbs up for Tentree for sure they have a tremendous affordable line of clothing and accessories shop online or in-store either way you're sure to be happy with whatever you decide to purchase!

2. Patagonia
Next up is Patagonia is another beautiful line of hemp clothing. They are environmentally friendly, involved in some effective activism, and they donate 1% of there sales to help climate change! Patagonia sells sports appeal and all kinds of accessories You can order online or buy in the store. Either way, you will not be disappointed!

3. Rawganic
This company is a small scale chemical-free manufacturer of 100% organic clothing. They have released the line bed and bath, footwear and home products.

4. Hemp Co.
These guys have a wide range of hemp clothing for women and men, as well as an array of other hemp products. They want you to experience the comfort of the hemp line using organic bamboo cotton and hemp.for an excellent feel for the entire family beautiful line.

5. Hemp & AMP
These two have a signature fabric of organic cotton and hemp. Their fabric is dyed in Winnipeg with low impact dyes, and they started as a small shop in Denver. Despite the lower-key approach, it is now one of the largest eco-friendly stores across North America. They also only manufacture in Canada which is a part of what makes this a great clothing line, aside of course from remaining 100% sweatshop free.


6. Hempy
The primary value of this company is long term sustainability in everything it doses. They are diligently working hard every day to produce the best quality of hemp clothing while still honoring the planet that sustains us.great products and amazing hemp clothing. You can purchase online or in-store

Yet another store with fantastic values and exceptional hemp clothing! Patagonia is eco-friendly and has an array of clothing for everyone. They also have a winter line for all your outdoor needs.

Advantages of hemp

  • Weather-resistant
  • UV protection so materials will not get moldy
  • Hemp is very resilient to all types of weather
  • Hemp fibers are extremely strong absorbent and lightweight
  • Hemp is durable and longlasting
  • Hemp is very versatile; it can be blended with various fabrics for the look and feel you desire
  • Hemp is very inexpensive to grow needing less water, while also being good for the environment

In this day and age, we can choose from many brands of clothing that celebrate our love for the plant, and its fabric means softer hemp clothing each time you wear it. There is still so much to learn about the weed plant and the great advantages it provides our planet.

Needless to say, the pot clothing industry is here to stay, so support your local hemp clothing companies and remember they have a lot more than clothes. This industry has an excitement about it, followed by some exceptional values to help keep our planet healthy sustainable. Hemp is one of the best fabrics available on the market, so when you are making your gift list for the holiday season, you might want to consider a lovely hemp product!

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