Marijuana products that Canadians can expect to see in 2020

Published Oct 14, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Let’s hope you know which edible cannabis products you are looking for as Canada roles out the second phase of marijuana legalization. Expect to find all of the new goodies, including edibles, lotion, extracts for inhalation, and beverages to hit the shelves of a dispensary near you in late December. According to current regulations, nothing on the packaging can have association with tobacco products, alcohol or vaping products. The packaging must also be plain with no colors or eye-catching designs to avoid appealing to children.

New cannabis products like topicals, extracts, beverages, and edibles will be available legally as of October 17, 2019, but what all will be available as the roll-out starts remains questionable. It is expected that the implementation will be slow to start due to regulatory demands and that most products may not be on the shelves till mid-December or later.

New product categories

With the new regulations, retailers will finally be able to provide access to three exciting categories of cannabis:

  • Cannabis Extracts
  • Edibles (candy, baked goods)
  • Cannabis Topicals (ointment, oils, and makeup)

Marijuana product limits

The edible products that will soon be sold legally at your local dispensary will have a cap of 10 milligrams of THC per single serving. The extracts used for inhalation or topicals will be allowed to contain up to 1000 milligrams of THC per package.

Exciting new product choices

Expect to see these products soon on the shelves of a retailer near you:

  • Freshly baked goods
  • Cookies, brownies, chocolate
  • Infused non-alcoholic beverages
  • Lotions for your body
  • Makeup with infused THC/CBD elements
  • THC pens

THC vapes projected to be the hottest trend


The last phase of cannabis legislation was all about production. However, the second round is about technology, and that includes THC pens. Once legalized, vapes will finally come with pre-loaded cartridges. THC pens will be a manner of utilizing cannabis extract without smoking, as it allows the consumer to inhale vapor rather than combustible smoke.

The sagging tobacco industry has invested billions of dollars in developing and researching the many different new vaping technologies, to get in on this new market before the old one dies out. Analysts are projecting that vaping cannabis could indeed become the driving force of the marijuana market in the coming years. Chris Damas, an editor of BCMI Cannabis, states that he believes that vape pens will soon make up nearly half of all cannabis derivative sales.

Will there be beer?

For the cannabis consumer who is looking for an alcoholic weed beer, sorry, but Canada is not going to provide this option right now. However, drinks that are fruit-based combinations, including de-alcoholized beer, can be infused with cannabis and will be available for purchase.

Studies indicate that alcohol is not the most consumed recreational beverage anymore, and young people are looking for an alternative to alcohol consumption. They want fewer calories and an option that does not leave them with the dreaded hangover effect. Keith Villa, a co-founder of Ceria Brewing Co, whose credentials include a Ph.D. in brewing from the University of Brussels, is actively producing cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverages.

Moosehead Breweries is teaming up with Sproutly Canada to produce non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beverages (weed beer). Sproutly has a core mission to be the leading supplier to the cannabis beverage and edibles market.

InFuz20 is another cannabis drink set to hit the market, and this one was created with the ability to increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids when ingested. That speeds up how fast the effects to be felt, often taking as little as five minutes to kick in, with results that can last for over an hour. The infused beverage will provide a delicious taste that will have little or no cannabis flavour smell or sediment.

The rollout of Cannabis 20


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