Hot new cannabis edibles brands that you should try right now

Published Nov 15, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Research today suggests that the average cannabis user is looking for innovative ways to consume their cannabis. The chief innovation officer of Vertosa knew that 2020 was when the deliverance of the cannabis beverage would emerge. The low consistency, grassy taste, and the up and down dosing estimates are things of the past. Here are some of the best cannabis products in edible form for you and your cohorts to try.

Bud Naked

If you are one of the fortunate marijuana consumers who live in Canada, a legal cannabis country, you may still succumb to the stigma attached to cannabis. Using a discreet and versatile mixer will enable you to go unnoticed when getting your dose of cannabis. The cannabis powder sachets are added to a tall glass of water. You can add 1-1 with a CBD sachet, or perhaps you might prefer a 10mg THC powder. The sachets are delicious and dissolvable in either hot or cold water. Bud Naked is a flavorless mixable that could also benefit you by adding it to ready to eat food or your own recipes.


If you live in California and are a cannabis consumer, then you will be delighted by the edibles that are made by Kiva. The gummies come in various shapes with a range of flavours. Dosing of these comes in hybrid, Indica, and Sativa, and these gummies include 5mg. Some of these gummies are specially made for those looking for the benefits of CBD alone.


If you enjoy an infused gelatin-based gummy, then you have probably already noticed that they do not do well in hot temperatures, like inside of the glove compartment in your car on a sunny day. Smokiez is a fruit chew that is gluten-free, vegan, and they will never melt.


The 3.7mg precision dose of THC will dissolve under the tongue, providing immediate absorption. If you enjoy CBD, this company will provide what you need with one of their cannabis products from the CBD Calm line. Perhaps you are looking for a THC dose of cannabis, which the company will provide for you under the name THC Bliss. If you are looking for a discreet means of enjoying your reduced strength cannabis, look no further.

Love’s Oven Peace Mountain Sandwich Cookies.

Taste and flavour are everything when indulging in cannabis edibles. Loves Oven knows that, and the classically trained pastry chef has introduced a unique cookie to be part of their Peace Mountain Edible’s series. Some of the mouthwatering cannabis-infused delights include:

  • Birthday Baked which promises to make you feel like a kid again

  • Chocolate Chippy Hippy is the mouthwatering cannabis-infused cookie with chocolate frosting

  • Cinnabong is a delicious tasting cannabis edible that would put an old-fashioned cinnamon roll to shame


1906 Drop

Perhaps to mess you up, these cannabis edibles are not drops but tiny pills. These small pills use micro-encapsulation to control either CBD or THC release, providing effects within 20 minutes of consumption. The six small different types of drops are meant to address primary physical issues like:

  • Energy

  • Arousal

  • Euphoria

  • Relaxation

  • Sleep

  • Focus

Herve Macarons

Residents of Toronto, Canada, have the privilege of enjoying these delicate confections. The founders of this fantastic cannabis company also run a successful catering business in the big city. You can make a delightful choice between handmade buttercreams of chocolate, raspberry or perhaps salted caramel spread between two tiny almond cookies. The macaroons contain top-shelf cannabis Sativa, and they are supplied in 10 mg doses. Plus, these delicious little pieces of heaven are gluten-free!

Final words

Edibles are perhaps the way of the future for cannabis enthusiasts, and many famous brands are available for your delight. They have no smell and no distinct aroma that lingers while you indulge in these cannabis delights. Cannabis companies hear you, and they are ready to supply you with the perfect alternative. There are many edibles choices on the market today. Choose an edible that enlightens you but always remember to follow the green rule, which is to go low and slow.

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