Hot cannabis products that can help to keep you cool this summer

Published Apr 24, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Summer is approaching, and temperatures will soon be rising. Luckily there is relief from those hot days beyond taking shelter under an umbrella, hopping into a cool, refreshing shower, or, if you are lucky, the branches of the coconut tree. Cannabis can be infused in many products that will keep you refreshed and chilled on those hot summer days. Let’s check out some of the cannabis products available.

Infused delicious hot summer treats

It’s time to make sure your fridge and freezer are stocked with products to keep you cool. Ice cream, popsicles, and frozen fruit are delicious after a sweltering day outside. Don’t wait and be disappointed that the ice cream truck doesn’t stock something with green that makes you happy. Do not despair the ice cream truck might not help you, but you can get these treats from your kitchen.

It's simple, just mix some of your favorite flavored tincture into a glass of iced tea or juice or try filling your ice cube trays with infused juice, letting them freeze, and then it’s as easy as popping one in your mouth to enjoy an elevated day or evening.


If you are not interested in making your own edible treats, CannaKush has come to help. The company provides 25 milligrams of THC in their infused Potsicles. The taste is delicious, and the effects are as stony as they are delicious.

Clouds Cups

A delicious Hibiscus Ginger CBD ice cream is just what the doctor ordered on a hot summer day. Clouds Cups have 13 varieties and tastes to help cool down your hot body on your own terms. So, don’t forget to make space in your freezer for a pint or two of this outstanding CBD ice cream.

Icey cold weed drinks

Lazing around the pool anticipating a dive into the refreshing aqua blue abyss is definitely one of the ways to meet the scorching sun head-on, but how about mixing a mouthwatering pina colada while soaking up the sun to keep you refreshed and cool? Use your infused simple syrup in cocktails, and your pool buddies will be impressed at your budtender skills.


THC Infused Sparkling Cucumber Citron. If you are not much of a bartender, then don’t worry because Calexo is here for you. Enjoy a cooling Cucumber Citron sparkling drink. 10 milligrams of THC are in each delicious bottle producing a refreshing and elevating experience while enjoying the hot summer days.



Cold Brew Coffee with 10 milligrams of THC is the perfect method of wake and bake delivery. The added caffeine is simply a bonus. If you awaken hot and sticky and the thought of a hot drink increases your internal thermometer, don’t boil water; instead, try cold brew coffee infused with THC to start off the hot day.

Vaping products

If you have chosen to give up smoking straight flower because you dislike the harsh fire and smoke effect, then now is the perfect time for you to be introduced to the vape. Most vapes are easy to use, lightweight and discreet. No longer will the campers on the site besides you be receiving your weed smoke while they too enjoy the great outdoors.

Wana Edibles

Environmentally friendly practices are what we all need to adopt and promote. The disposable vape pens can be helpful to the first-time vaper. A mouthwatering, flavorful vape, Sativa Lemon vape pen will be the provider you need to make it through those 100-degree days that are sure to come.

Full Specs Vape

It’s hot, and you’re looking for a fresh and flavorful vape to get you through the hot afternoon that is fast approaching. The Live Resin Cartridges are part of the company’s line of high-terpene selections, which will bring you the best vaping experiences you have ever had through its taste and effects profile. Enjoy the summer days with the perfect summer friend who promises and delivers a light euphoria all day and a perfect terpy delight

Hemp oil moisturizer

Hempz Original Natural hemp seed oil body moisturizer will be your best friend after a day in the hot sunshine. Your skin will benefit from the hemp lotion. Infused with added Shea Butter and Ginseng, this hemp lotion will help to return your damaged or over-exposed skin back to the supple moisture-absorbing skin you love. Enjoy the wonderful Floral banana scent guaranteed to help your dry skin.

CBD Salve

Well-intended days spent out in the hot sun can have disastrous effects on the biggest organ in your body, the skin. Pain, redness, and inflammation can be helped by applying a thin layer of CBD salve. Researchers have confirmed the benefits of CBD to help relieve pain and inflammation caused by the sun burning our skin.

5 ways that cannabis can help to soothe what ails you this summer


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