Candles, scents and incense to pair with different marijuana strains

Published Jul 8, 2019 11:33 a.m. ET
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Candles and the scents that they provide have been synonymous with marijuana for many years. The idea of anyone smelling our indulgence in the herb was frowned upon. All did not appreciate weed smells. However, the use of the candles and the scents from incense have changed roles today. Candles are now being used to enhance and promote the fragrances that are smoking the herb provides as well as masking the pungent smells the herb can leave.

The increase in popularity for vaping has left some hard-core smokers with the loss of the aroma they so love from the strain of cannabis they particularly like the smell of.

Here are a few pairings to enjoy with your pungent marijuana weed smells:

Super Lemon Haze goes well with a citrus lemon-based candle
Lavender delivers a floral spicey aroma great with a floral candle
Trainwreck goes excellent with a fresh pine smelling the candle
Strawberry Cough has delicious strawberry aromas that match perfectly with a sweet mouthwatering berry aromatic candle

Legalizing and acceptance of marijuana and the products produced from the plant have etched out a niche for the candle and incense industry.

These scents noted while smoking marijuana, are now being replicated in cannabis candles aromas. Weed smell present with many different fragrances for you to experience and can be enhanced with the burning of

scented candles. The entourage effect that candles and marijuana have begun with terpenes that are found in both.

Terpenes are in all strains of cannabis are the reason we love the different aromas that are noted. Cannabis businesses are flourishing and providing a candle to enhance or neutralize the aromatic scents that you are smelling.

Buz Meraki produces candles that can be perfectly paired with marijuana strains. There is no cannabis in the candles; however, myrcene is one of the most dominant terpenes in cannabis, and these companies’ candles deliver the same aromatic odors that using certain cannabis strains produce. The synergy between the candles and your cannabis work well, whether you are using a Sativa or an Indica strain.

Kush Candles produce aromatic candles that permeate the air with individual cannabis strains aroma. Ancient practices have recorded using essential oils from nature to heal and promote a healthy environment and healing medicinal qualities. Kush candles use terpenes from cannabis found all around the world.


Ingredients for Kush Candles

• 100% pure hemp seed oil
• 100% certified non-toxic fragrance oils with the addition of organic terpenes
• 100% pure soybean wax

The 10oz Kush Candle: 50+ hours of burning time
The 4.2oz Travel Kush Candle: 20+ hours of burning time
The Dime Bag Tealights: 5 hours of burning time

Kush Candles are a USA company that currently chooses Canada as the only outside country that they ship to.

Smoking marijuana can leave unwanted scents, and although candles have delicious aromatic scents from sweet to musk smells, that is just what candles do. They do not remove the odor but instead attempt to cover the smell with the aroma generated from burning the wick from the appropriate scented candle.

Incense works in the same fashion as a scented candle when covering marijuana smoke, but with a possible added delight. Due to a chemical known as incensole acetate, burning incense not only covers the smell but can take you to the next level of the high experience. Often used in spiritual ceremonies, the Frankincense incense is known to heighten the spiritual level. Burning incense helps to support anti-depressive conditions by awakening specific brain channels. Choosing an herb strain that elevates your mood is best paired with incense that is known to help with that also.

It is to be noted that burning anything into the air is not suitable for the environment. Using an electric candle warmer is a better, healthier solution to masking the smell of your cannabis. Pairing your scented wax with your marijuana strain is a delightful aromatic way of enjoying your herb while permeating the air with aromatic terpenes.

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