Will the smell of marijuana become a problem in Canada?

Published Jun 13, 2019 01:30 p.m. ET
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According to an online survey conducted by PSB Research, Civilized, Nursing and Cohn Wolfe and Buzz Feed, “over half of Americans think the smell of weed in public” is a problem.

In Canada, the reaction is even more severe, considering that cannabis was legalized across the nation last fall.  Three in five people considers the smell of cannabis to be a real problem in public, and fifty percent 50% dislike the smell.

Also, the survey shows that most people who support the legalization of marijuana in America and Canada still do not like to smell the weed in public.

Additionally, the survey also reveals that eighty four percent (84%) of Americans are in favor of medical and recreational use of marijuana. However, many people do not want to smell the weed in the streets. It is quite difficult to curtail the smell when marijuana use has increased significantly.

On the other hand, fifty-seven (57%) of Canadians said that they do not like the smell of cannabis in public and sixty percent considered the smell of weed to be a major or minor problem. This survey indicates that even more Canadians than Americans are not in favor of the smell of cannabis.

It is true that smoking marijuana can be enjoyable to many people, but the smell is quite unbearable for some people. The odor of weed is a major problem in Washington and even Oregon since their legalization in 2014.


Is it possible for the smell of weed to give rise to a case of a nuisance? Well, that may be unlikely considering that marijuana use has become widespread. The ruling of an Oregon court suggests that the court is reluctant to declare the smell of marijuana smoke to be the same as the smell of garbage. The judge went further to say that ‘some people undoubtedly' like the smell of weed.

The truth is that some people tend not to care where they smoke and how the smell may affect others because marijuana use is no longer a criminal offence in many States. However, a marijuana smoker should be considerate and mindful of his neighbors in public.

As a result, there are some things you can do to make your weed smell better. Are you puzzled on how to make weed smell better? Do not despair; you can try doing everyday tricks such as cut an orange or lemon and place it close to the weed in an enclosed container. Do not allow the fruit to touch the weed. This will prevent the weed from being infested with mold. You can also sprinkle a small amount of essential oil on a cotton and place it on the weed to make it smell like the oil.

Also, you can carry your weed in Reefer Keepers or regular Zip-lock bags if you don’t have the Reefer Keeper. A vaporization pen can also be used. Also, try not to smoke marijuana where there are other persons around. Mints for bad breath can be used to make your breath smell better.

Alternatively, the consumption of edibles is an informed choice because it smells even better. Growing marijuana strains that smell like fruit can be a wise choice; they typically smell better than other strains



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