Affordable tasteless and discreet Canadian-made cannabis capsules

Published Feb 25, 2023 02:00 p.m. ET
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Edibles are quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabis products on the market today, with a following that grows substantially year after year, but not everyone wants to have to eat a whole brownie or an entire pack of gummies to get the relief they seek, and that’s where cannabis capsules come in handy. They’re easy to use, expertly dosed, tasteless, and a discreet option that’s perfect in almost every situation, and there’s an impressive number of them made and available in Canada.

Whether you’re looking for CBDA, CBD, or THC capsules you’ll find something to try on this list!

1. CBDA Capsules by WholeHemp

CBDA is the raw acid form of CBD and for these cannabis capsules, it’s derived from hemp to offer a gentle experience with minimal THC. Made using sun-grown artisan woman-grown CBD cultivar crops sourced from southwestern Ontario, these extracts are bio-available delivering 16-20 mg CBDA and 8-12 mg of CBD each. With minimal THC, consumers don’t have to worry about intoxicating effects while taking CBDA Capsules by WholeHemp. Take advantage of the therapeutic power of cannabis, an option that’s great for medical consumers in particular, but also offers a boost that some recreational users may enjoy.

2. Indica Capsules by Indiva

Indiva is a premium cannabis brand made famous for its selection of high-quality products that aren’t made to cater to smokers, and these Indica Capsules are just one example of that excellence. They’re easy to swallow, packed full of pure cannabis oil, and include 7-8 mg of THC each, with either 15 or 30 in a single bottle.

3. Bakerstreet Softgels 10 mg by Tweed


The popular and well-established Tweed brand already has the trust of millions of cannabis users, with a long history of setting higher standards in the industry, but many don’t realize they also make quite a few non-smokable products like Bakerstreet Softgels. These cannabis capsules are available in packages of 15 or 60, so there’s an option for both occasional and regular consumers. Made using a combination of terpene-rich cannabis extract derived from Indica dominant plants, and non-CMO MCT oil from coconuts, each one delivers a balanced experience fueled by a high THC low CBD formulation.

4. CBD and Sea Buckthorn Softgels by Pharm

Every single one of these CBD/SBT 10/250 CBD and Sea Buckthorn Softgels by Pharm delivers a high-quality experience, with 10mg of full spectrum CBD extract made using a clean and efficient CO2 extraction process that ensures no impurities are left behind. That extract is then blended with pure MCT oil taken from coconut fruits, and a hearty dose of 250mg sea buckthorn oil for an extra healthy boost.

5. Goodnight Dream Caps by Goodnight

For consumers who struggle with getting a good night's rest these smooth, sleek, precisely dosed Goodnight Dream Caps by Goodnight might offer some much-needed relief. Each one contains 20 mg of CBD, no THC, and 5 mg of chamomile oil and melatonin, for the ideal combination that makes it easier to drift off to dreamland and stay there all night long.

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