The best jars and bags for curing weed in 2023

Published Feb 22, 2023 10:00 a.m. ET
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You could be an expert cultivator pumping out the most beautiful high-quality plants and buds money and buy, but if your crop isn’t properly dried or cured you could end up with a mediocre product that may be harsh, lack taste and flavor, or even be contaminated with things no one wants to see like mold.

To create the best flower it’s essential for growers to have access to the right tools and equipment, including the best bags or jars for storage.

About curing cannabis

Curing cannabis is a process that takes place post-harvest and drying, as it works to eliminate unnecessary moisture, break down chlorophyll and it locks in the product's chemical profile. Generally curing takes a minimum of two weeks though most growers prefer a much longer cycle whenever possible. Unfortunately, extra time isn’t something that’s often available for commercial producers.

What are cannabis curing jars and bags?

Cannabis curing jars and bags are specialized storage solutions typically consisting of plastic, glass, or steel.

The best cannabis curing jars (and bags)

These are some of the best cannabis curing jars and bags on the market today. The one you choose should depend on the amount of cannabis you have to process and how much space you have available to get the job done.

Ball Mason Jars

These jars are one of the most popular options suggested for curing, because they’re easy to use, proven effective over the years, affordable, and can be purchased in bulk to save even more money. Ball Mason jars can be reused and are easy to clean between harvests, so this isn’t an investment that must be made for every crop.

They’re also a favorite due to how easy they are to find at any department store, or online, but despite their practicality and value, their limited size and fragility make them a less-than-ideal choice for most growers.

CVault Stainless Steel containers

The CVault Stainless Steel Container is great for cultivators with large harvests to process, and it even comes equipped with an airtight locking mechanism, and steel structure which keeps out light and helps to maintain ideal temperatures. Much like mason jars, they’re great for those who need reusable cannabis storage solutions, and since they’re made of break-resistant material, they’re much less likely to break or need to be replaced.

The CVault is designed specifically for both curing and storing dried cannabis, and they’re available in a wide range of sizes from a small 7-gram twist can to a 21-liter unit. If you're curing or storing large amounts of cannabis year after year, then they could be perfect for you.


Grove Bags

Grove bags are designed to cure large amounts of flower at once, which is why so many large commercial cannabis brands rely on them to cure their crops. With TerpLoc technology helping to maintain ideal humidity levels and eliminate the need for burping by exerting unnecessary moisture and gasses, it’s no wonder so many growers are willing to spend a little bit more to make the switch.

These curing bags come in many different sizes and quantities including blacked-out Opaque Pouches and Wicket bags, so if you’re running a large-scale operation, they could be a great option that does most of the hard work for you!

Onyx Stainless Steel Containers

Onyx Stainless Steel Containers are popular due to their strength and resilience, and their uncanny greatness when used to curing or store cannabis flower. The leakproof, airtight design comes in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of any grower including options from 8 to 33 centimeters in diameter.

Anchor Hocking Montana Glass Jars

These giant glass containers are perfect for storing or curing cannabis in bulk. Since they only come in two large sizes of 1.5 and 2.5 gallons, they’re not generally ideal for the average small-time personal grower. However, they do have one major downside which is that they aren’t airtight, so if you’re needing to cure or store product for a long period of time, they might not be suitable. Still, as far as size and price are concerned, they’re a great deal for large-scale operators.


This new technology was designed with commercial cultivators in mind, as they do take up a lot of space. The containers are large and require the addition of a rack that stands quite high. Both small and big CureTubes are available to hold anywhere from 2-4 or 5-20 pounds of dry flower. They may also be placed on their side to agitate the contents without needing to open the tubes.

CurTube lids are equipped with hygrometers to make keeping track of moisture easy, and they even come with a separate compartment for humidity packs, which is great for fast and simple replacement as needed.

The CureTube is a newer technology that would make sense for large operations with a lot of storage space. The tubes themselves are pretty big, and the room will also need height for the rack they'll go on. You can buy both small and large CureTubes that hold 2 - 4 pounds and 5 - 10 pounds of dried flower.

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