20 Hybrid strains of weed that are as sweet as candy

Published Sep 5, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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A true cannabis enthusiast will have a certain flavor and aroma to suit every mood, and if you’re craving something sweet that can offer you the best of both taste and effects, then this is the place to be. Of course, there are thousands of weed strains out there to choose from, but when you really want to enjoy the mouthwatering greatness of some of the world's best genetics, then you’ll need to know where to start, and as usual, we’ve got your back with that and more.

Hybrid definition

A lot of cannabis consumers see these titles Indica, Sativa, and hybrid with some sort of importance, but very few have any idea what the difference is. Hybrid strains of weed are created by combining the genetics of two or more strains that include both Indica and Sativa origins. This could mean one Indica mixed with a pure Sativa, or a combination of hybrids to achieve the same effect.

The effects of hybrid weed strains

Most of us have some kind of goal in mind when it comes to how we’d like to feel after using cannabis products, and knowing as much as you can about different weed strains can help out with that. The biggest thing to remember is that sticking with one of these arbitrary labels isn’t going to get you a consistently high, so it is still important to pay attention to things like the THC or CBD levels, terpenes, and known effects, which can be done by visiting an online strain library like the one we have here at Cannabis.Wiki.

Hybrid strains are typically known to induce feelings, sensations, and an intensity that includes the best of both worlds, which should theoretically mean that you end up feeling slightly sedated while somehow also inspired, motivated, and clear-headed at the same time. Though we’re certain elusive hybrids strains of weed such as this exist, that is far too high of an expectation to put on all hybrids that you come across.

Pros and cons of using sweet hybrid strains of weed

One of the best benefits of using hybrids is that you can enjoy unique combinations of all the strains that you know and love, and in some cases, that can be a beautiful thing. For growers, they can be ideal because they grow shorter and bushier than pure Sativas, and for the consumer, hybrids bring to the table a brand-new experience each and every time.

Sweet hybrid strains of weed

Some will pick you up, others will leave you glued to your seat, but they are all as sweet as candy. So, if you’re looking for something new that will hit the old sweet tooth and still offer a powerful range of effects, then this is an excellent place to start.

  1. Ice Cream Cake

  2. Sunset Sherbert

  3. Runtz

  4. Tropicana Cookies

  5. GMO

  6. Dolato

  • Gelato

  • Durban Poison

  • Grape Pie

  • LA Cookies

  • Cheesecake

  • Apple Jack

  • Purple Punch

  • Birthday Cake

  • Mimosa

  • Animal Mints

  • Sundae Driver

  • Blue Dream

  • Alien Cookies

  • Cereal Milk

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