Cannabis and chocolate pairings for the connoisseur

Published Feb 10, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Chocolate and cannabis. There simply isn’t any better combination. We have heard about weed chocolate, which has been infused with cannabis, but what about those that want to have a little puff puff pass and enjoy the mixture of sensational chocolates after all of the cannabinoids have taken effect? That combination can be an irreplaceable pleasure for some.

Have you ever had the thought that just like wine and cheese pairings, there may also be weed and chocolate pairings? Well, we wanted to investigate that a little further, and the great news is there most definitely is. How wonderful! We have put a list of different weed strains and chocolate together so that you can learn to enjoy the delectable enjoyment of chocolate and weed pairing.


The unique flavours and aromas you love in different strains of weed are called terpenes. These beauties are where you should start. Cannabis strains with high terpene levels are the way to pair almost any food with your marijuana. You can find help with terpene levels at your local dispensary. They will be happy to help you out.


You probably already have a bar that is your favourite chocolate, but to pair chocolate and cannabis, you will have to be open to a variety. We suggest that you try chocolate with each strain and enjoy your experience. This is a beautiful thing to do if you are having a get-together or maybe even your 4:20 celebrations.

1. Blackberry Kush
This is an Indica strain. The terpenes are herbal, citrusy, and peppery. This delicious strain goes excellent with a deep dark chocolate fondue. The citrusy and spicy terpenes pave the wat for a delightful dance in your mouth that will enhance the experience of the relaxing Indica.

2. Blue Dream
The Blue Dream strain is a hybrid. The terpenes are herbal, pine, and peppery. It's an excellent match with dark chocolate. A dark chocolate bar or a great fondue are matches made in heaven. The flavours are amazing, and you are sure to offer one satisfying experience.


3. Sour Diesel
This is a Sativa strain, and the terpenes are peppery, citrus, and herbal. These terpenes are a perfect match with a sweet milk chocolate fudge or even a chocolate mousse topped with some delightful fruits. You can't go wrong with either of those delightful combinations.

4. Super Lemon Haze
This is a Sativa strain, and the terpenes are fruity, peppery, and minty. A great match for white chocolate because the bold flavours are sensational. A beautiful cheesecake is a perfect match as well. Your taste buds will be very thankful either way.

5. Tangie
Tangie is a Sativa, and the terpenes are earthy, pine and peppery, tangy pairs well with white chocolate or milk chocolate. The terpenes enhance the chocolate flavours. Recommended is after your session to enjoy a chocolate dip with your favourite fruit this combo is sure to be a company pleaser.

Chocolate is an all-time favourite that makes people happy, and so does weed. You can play around with the different weed strains and chocolate to find your preference. There are many ways to incorporate the two. If you are having guests, an excellent fondue is always a hit for some company, or just for two. Cheesecakes are always great with chocolate drizzled on top.

Terpenes are the way to pair anything, as the smell and hints of pine, pepper, mint, citrus can make an entertaining match. If you start pairing, you will find what makes your taste buds dance. Edibles are now legal in Canada, so we have many options, including cannabis-infused chocolate bars and more, or maybe you could make your own infused chocolate.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, this is the time to experiment with all the fantastic flavours the terpenes provide. Weed and chocolate pairings are a great dinner party idea as you can add different teas and coffee that always enhance chocolate flavours. Whether you are planning a great valentine with a special someone, or you want to have a great evening of incredible sensations on your taste buds. It does not need to be over the top or too expensive. Its meant to create an atmosphere for our senses, so enjoy.

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