5 Springtime must-have cannabis accessories you should check out

Published Apr 4, 2019 01:37 p.m. ET

The snow is melting, the birds are singing, and everyone is celebrating the return of spring. With warmer weather comes plenty of new and exciting adventures that you are going to want to be prepared for. Whether you are looking for a new piece to add to your collection or are on the market for the latest and greatest marijuana leaf gear that you should be sporting this spring. We have got you covered. Check out these five amazing cannabis accessories including where you can buy them and how much they will cost when ordering from Canada.

1. Dank Master marijuana leaf shoes

Cost: $90-$250

Looking for some new foot attire to show off this spring? Dank Master marijuana leaf shoes are fashionable and personalizable. Only available on Etsy are these gorgeous designs that include regular runners, combat style boots, knee high, and even thigh high options. Choose between black or green either one offers an elegant feel with a pattern dedicated to resembling a real marijuana leaf in a fashionable way. With sizes from size 4 womens ranging up to 12.5 mens, there is something for everyone from Dank Master Shoes.

2. My Bud Vase bongs

Cost: $60-$150

Springtime is here which means some of the most beautiful flowers will soon be in bloom. This is the perfect time of year to display freshly cut flowers and what better way to do that than with a beautifully decorated bong that is meant for just such a task. My Bud vase bongs are made of several different kinds of materials in an array of sizes, and some of them can hold an entire bouquet of roses while remaining a functional marijuana smoking device. The makers have designed these cannabis bongs to be fit for a table centerpiece and regularly used without disturbing the luscious petals. There are so many different themes to choose from; you are guaranteed to find someone that will tickle your fancy.

3. Marijuana Flower Charms

Cost: $27.57


Another unique cannabis and springtime themed masterpiece from Etsy that is perfect for springtime are these marijuana flower charm key-chains that are handcrafted using basic material to look identical to a real marijuana flower. There are no real cannabis plants that are used in the making of these key-chains, but they are sturdy, incredibly realistic, and a perfect conversation starter just in time for this beautiful weather.

4. 3-D Flower weed pipe

Cost: $35

Continuing with the typical springtime themes including sunshine, rainbows and flowers are these beautiful hand-crafted glass 3-D flower weed pipes. It’s the perfect pocket size for anyone on the go, and a nice light design that is easy on the eyes and easy to use. It’s just a normal glass pipe that is made using a high-quality glass type that can stand up to regular wear and tear no problem. Order from the right sellerand you will even find yourself with a cute little black drawstring bag that with help to keep any ashes and smell contained during your travels.

5. 4-piece Rainbow colored cannabis grinder

Cost: $10

If you are looking for an affordable marijuana accessory to add to the list of must by items this spring, then this four-piece cannabis grinder might be perfect for you. The casing is decorated with an impenetrable metallic color shifting rainbow layer that is visually appealing and smooth to the touch. Once inside you will find enough room to store up to six grams of bud as well as another three grams of marijuana grind. Its diamond plated teeth make busting up even the densest buds a breeze and cleanup is simple too with just basic soap and water. The inner compartment is also a hidden kief catching spot that will collect and contain some of the most potent portions of the cannabis you run through it to smoke later or make into edibles, or moon rockets. This particular kind of weed grinder is sold almost anywhere, but the cheapest and most reliable option is Amazon for Canadians.



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